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Train NASA’s supercomputer by playing an underwater voyage iPhone game


NASA's game looks basic, but it does a world of good.
Photo: NASA

NASA needs your help on its mission to save the planet’s coral reefs. The US space agency created a new video game for iPhone, iPad and Mac that sets players off on an underwater voyage to map coral reefs around the world.

Dubbed NeMO-Net, NASA’s game uses real 3D imaging data obtained during recent drone flybys in Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and elsewhere. Players set off in their own ship, the Nautilus, and scan the ocean floors identifying and classifying different corals.

Jimmy Fallon’s iPhone game wants to give a bear a good night’s sleep


Jimmy Fallon brings fun and feathers to his game Tedzy, which launched on iTunes Thursday. Photo: Sparklehorse/YouTube
Jimmy Fallon brings fun and feathers to his game Tedzy, which launched on iTunes Thursday. Photo: Sparklehorse/YouTube

Jimmy Fallon is known for inventing silly games to play with his guests on “The Tonight Show.” It’s part of the hot host’s comedic repertoire that keeps his show atop of the late-night ratings.

Now Fallon is trying his hand at developing games for the iPhone.

Fallon formed Sparklehorse, a game production company that debuted Thursday on the iTunes store with the game Tedzy, a colorful teddy bear on a quest for feathers to stuff his pillow and get a good night’s sleep.

Collect bottles as a homeless person in Russia’s hottest RPG


Photo: Roman Okulevich/Ok Apps
Hot iOS game Homeless: Life Simulator hops on a weird Russian trend. Photo: Roman Okulevich/Ok Apps

One of the hottest iPhone games in Russia right now isn’t Angry Birds or Candy Crush, but an app that lets you collect bottles as a homeless person.

Homeless: Life Simulator, which just launched in the United States, recently hit the No. 1 spot in the Russian App Store’s role-playing games category.

“Begin your life as an unknown homeless to become a president of your country!” says the marketing copy on the App Store.

The app itself looks really basic — screen-spanning buttons, a couple of casino mini-games and that’s about it. Apparently, being homeless is fun in Russia, because you can gamble your way to success!

The weirdest thing? It’s not the only “homeless” simulator going.

You Deserve Joining Hands 2, The Cutest Little Puzzle Game [Review]


Joining Hands 2

The Peablins are back.

Joining Hands 2 by 10tons, Ltd.
Category: iOS Game
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99, $0.99 launch sale

The Peablins, for those not in the know, are the stars of 10tons’ hit iOS game, Joining Hands, a cute little puzzler that challenged players to connect a bunch of cute, gentle creatures across a variety of landscapes and levels.

The sequel takes the warmth and cute-factor of the first game and just knocks it out of the park. It helps that Joining Hands 2 is also a pretty fantastic little puzzle game, too.

Industry Veterans Create New Match-Three RPG Game, Puzzle Knights



Most days, you won’t hear us talk too much about a gaming genre that’s been beaten to death with a large stick, but upcoming Puzzle Knights is an exception to that rule, what with it’s interesting blend of, yes, matching colors, but also tactical strategy, light RPG elements, and online arena battles.

The game is expected to release sometime in the first or second week of September, so keep your eyes on this one. It’s exclusive to iOS, but will let you connect via Facebook to battle your FB friends.

‘Rock Paper Missiles’ Is An Oddly Compelling Roshambo-Style iOS Game [Review]


Rock beats Flamethrower. What, what?
Rock beats Flamethrower. What, what?

Here’s an interesting little iOS game for you: Rock Paper Missiles is an evolved version of the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors hand game played by millions of kids across the globe. This game, though, is different in two ways. One, it’s a universal app on iOS, which means you can play it on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Rock Paper Missiles by Danny Perski
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99

Two, it’s got missiles, flamethrowers and grenades.

Rock Paper Missiles is also gorgeously designed, with a monochromatic red-and-white color scheme that really complements the stark and confusing nature of the gameplay.

Chuck The Muck Flings Itself Onto The App Store For Free


Chuck that muck, Charles.
Chuck that muck, Charles.

In the latest free-to-play iOS game from the makers of Critter Escape, you’ll take on the role of a crystal mining critter who must take care of an endearing blob of muck named Chuck. You’ll be tasked with escaping the crystal mines with some flinging-action and bouncy platforming skill. You’ll need to keep Chuck fed with crystals, all while navigating through dangerous places and avoiding guards and exploding things along the way.