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iPhone Live Stream Fashion Show for Dolce & Gabbana



Let’s face it: crushing disobedient flesh into a Dolce & Gabbana corset dress is easier than getting into one of their runway shows.

So the dynamic fashion duo has decided use the iPhone to broadcast 2011 women’s winter looks at two shows during fashion week in Milan. You can follow them with your iPhone here or, if you don’t have an iPhone try your buffering luck with Facebook, too.

iPhone fashionista followers won’t get that neck nasty cramp caused by gazing upward from first-row seats like D&G darlings J-Lo or Victoria Beckham, but you may have to get up early or sneak a peek at work.

Monkey Business: Paul Frank iPhone 3g Cases



Five bright, whimsical designs from Paul Frank Industries are now iPhone 3G ready. Many feature Julius the monkey whose quirky mug bears a slight resemblance to designer Paul Frank Sunich, who founded the Southern California brand in 1995.

While the monkey will make it hard to get your iPhone confused with someone else’s, that funny face will cost you the Apple logo.

The silicone Paul Frank cases run about $30 online at the Apple store, where you can also find his regular iPhone cases and iPod cases, too.

Via Into mobile

Parts is Parts: Exploded iPhone T-shirt



Even if you don’t jailbreak, step on or otherwise open up your iPhone you can wear the innards on your chest.

No further details about who came up with the idea on the dedicated Exploded Phone site, but the café press page describes the T-shirt as “an exploded view of my brother’s taken-apart phone. He’s going to kill me!”

While it doesn’t have the look-at-me cry of the faux Apple logo light up tee, it has geek appeal in spades.

Costs $20 in a bunch of styles and colors.

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