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Crazy ‘iPhone Z’ concept takes folding phones to a new level


IPhone Z
This will never happen, but it’’s nice to dream.
Photo: Caviar

Caviar, the Russian company behind some of the craziest iPhone mods we’ve ever seen, has come out with its first folding iPhone concept design video today and as you’d expect, it’s absolutely wild.

Not satisfied with just one fold out display, Caviar’s ‘iPhone Z’ concept proposes having a display that folds twice. The end result is an iPhone that folds out to the same size as an iPad Pro, only its even more useful.

Prepare to be blown away:

Beautiful iPhone XII concept kills the notch and buttons


Check out a proposed iPhone XII with a screen that curves around all four edges.
Check out a proposed iPhone XII with a screen that curves around all four edges.
Photo: Kevin Noki/ConceptsiPhone

One way to make the iPhone’s screen larger without increasing the size of the device itself is wrap it around all four edges. An artist‘s video imagines how such an iOS handset would look, with no physical buttons and an under-screen camera.

Watch his concept video now:

Insane concept gives iPhone 11 a crazy 360-degree display


iPhone concept
Is it possible to have too much screen?
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

Do you ever wish that your entire iPhone was just one giant screen? With Apple continuously making displays bigger and bezels tinier, it seems inevitable that the iPhone will boast a display that wraps around the front and back.

The folks at ConceptsiPhone have come out with a wild iPhone 11 concept that envisions what an all-display iPhone would look like. Imagine all the new possibilities created for apps with a 360-degree display. Also, imagine how much Apple would charge to repair it.

This thing looks crazy:

Apple Phone concept brings new twist to iPhone’s iconic notch


Meet the Apple Phone.
Meet the Apple Phone.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Apple’s iconic notch on the iPhone X and iPhone XS has already spawned a number of Android imitators, but concept designer Antonio De Rosa has an idea that could throw a curveball at the competition: move the notch to the left.

In a series of new concept renderings, De Rosa argues that Apple should change the name of the iPhone to Apple Phone while also giving it a new look and a fancy stylus.

Take a look:

Beautiful RED iPhone X mockups show what could have been


iPhone X mockup
iPhone X would like killer in RED.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple missed a golden opportunity to bust out a RED iPhone X to go with the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus based on the latest mockups from our favorite Apple concept artist.

Martin Hajek came out with some renderings of what the iPhone X would look like with a red coat of paint and it’s absolutely stunning.

Take a look:

iPhone X goes super-tiny in new concept designs


iPhone XS
Which iPhone would you choose?
Photo: Curved

Tiny iPhones could make a big comeback in the near future if Apple ever decides to bring the iPhone X display to an iPhone SE-sized device.

It’s only a matter of time before the edge-to-edge display of the iPhone X makes its way to all of Apple’s other iPhones and based on some new concept mockups, we can’t wait to see it on the smaller iPhone SE body.

Prepare to drool:

What your favorite apps might look like on iPhone 8


Instagram will look great on the iPhone 8.
Instagram will look great on the iPhone 8.
Photo: DailyTekk

You can get a good idea of what the iPhone 8 might be like to use, thanks to a new concept video that imagines how redesigned apps will look on the device.

Apple is supposedly going with a bezel-free design this year, which could give developers more space for new features. Viewing pictures will also be an incredible experience if Apple includes an edge-to-edge display that makes it feel like you’re holding a photograph.

Check it out:

iPhone 8 concept shows how fantastic Function Bar could be


The Function Bar would be a game changer.
The Function Bar would be a game changer.
Photo: iDropNews/Benjamin Geskin

Getting rid of the home button could be one of the greatest things Apple could do for the iPhone 8.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Apple plans to embed Touch ID into the screen in order to ditch the home button. A fantastic new concept imagines how Apple could use that extra screen real estate to make navigating the iOS faster than ever.

iPhone 8 mockup packs invisible selfie cam and 3D sensor


The iPhone 8 will be the greatest yet.
The iPhone 8 will be the greatest yet.
Photo: iFanr

Keeping one of millennials’ favorite features — the all-important selfie camera — poses serious challenges for Apple engineers if the iPhone 8’s bezels are as thin as we expect.

In a new mockup based on alleged iPhone 8 schematics that recently leaked, fans can get an early look at how Apple might make the entire front of the iPhone one giant display while also leaving room for light sensors, a speaker and a camera.

Take a closer look: