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This cheap iPhone X clone comes with a massive battery


It looks just like the iPhone X.
Photo: Oukitel

Battery life on the iPhone X got you down? Consider downgrading to an iPhone X knock-off fresh out of China.

The Chinese company Oukitel unveiled its newest iPhone copycat this week that comes with a lot of the same features for a fraction of the cost, including a vertically stacked dual-lens camera and face unlocking.

Apple Forcing iPhone Clone Maker Meizu To Shutter Production and End Sales



The most notorious iPhone knock-off at all is the Meizu M8, a cheeky doppelganger that looks virtually identical to the iPhone before you dive below the surface into the excremental ocean of its software: a custom-shelled version of Microsoft Windows CE 6. Meizu CEO Jack Wong has been cheekily shining Apple on about the Meizu M8’s more-than-subtle likeness to the iPhone for a while now, having laughed as recently as last month that the new iPod Touch looks just like their upcoming Meizu M9II Android smartphone.

Wong’s probably wishing he’d kept his mouth shut now. According to Wong, Meizu is now being forced by Cupertino’s lawyers to stop selling the M8… and it might be enough to put the company under.

iPhone Clone Gets Fugly Qwerty Keyboard


Desperate, but not serious. The clone's keyboard. @pocket-lint.com
Desperate, but not serious. The clone's keyboard. @pocket-lint.com

This iPhone clone found by a reporter at a trade show in Asia comes with about as ugly an add-on as possible: a squashed qwerty keyboard with keys that look like veneers gone wrong.

It’s pretty ingenious, as much as lacking in aesthetics, since the keyboard is integrated into a protector case (which also looks fittingly hideous) with a custom connector for the phone.

For those of you who want an external keyboard for your iPhone, would  you want it badly enough to use this one?

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