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iOS 15.1.1 fixes dropped calls on recent iPhones


iOS 15.1.1 fixes dropped calls on recent iPhones
iOS 15.1.1 is a bug fix update for recent iPhone models.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Users of recent iPhone models can now install iOS 15.1.1. Apple released the update Wednesday to take care of problems with dropped calls on these handsets.

It’s only for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. And there is not an iPadOS equivalent.

Apple crushes bunch of iPhone bugs with iOS 15.0.2


iOS 15 has been replaced by iOS 15.0.1.
iOS 15.0.2 is out to get rid of some iPhone problems.
Photo: Cult of Mac

iPhone users should install the latest system software update because it fixes a collection of bugs. Monday’s release of iOS 15.0.2 takes care of images that couldn’t be deleted, problems with AirTag and iPhone Leather Wallet, and more. More significantly, it  (and a related iPadOS update) deals with a device restore/update issue with iPhone 13 and the new iPad mini.

Tablet users can install iPadOS 15.0.2, which also came out Monday.

Barbra Streisand calls Tim Cook to fix her biggest gripe with Siri


Barbra Streisand
Singer Barbra Streisand and husband James Brolin.
Photo: Wikicommons

Getting iPhone bugs fixed is apparently super-easy if you’re a world-famous diva.

Barbra Streisand says she recently had a huge bone to pick with Apple over the way Siri pronounces her last name. So the singer did what only Barbra Streisand could do: She dialed Tim Cook’s personal phone number.

Make your home screen pop with round iOS folders


iOS round folders
Man, that looks weird.
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

Usually, if you want to change the shape of your iOS folders, you need to jailbreak your device or squint really hard or something. But one person has found a way to make your app holders cool-looking and round, and all you have to do is change your device’s wallpaper.

You can see the cool circles in action in the video below.

Apple investigates iPhone 6s models not correctly reporting battery life


Apple is investigating battery issues for the iPhone 6s.
Apple is investigating battery issues for the iPhone 6s.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

If you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus that’s not properly showing how much battery you have left, there’s good news and bad news. Bad news first? Apple doesn’t exactly know what’s causing the problem. Good news: They’re looking into it, and there’s a temporary fix.

iPhone Meltdown Update



Here’s an update on the iPhone meltdown we wrote about awhile back. Tim Colbourne in Rome plugged in his iPhone 3G to his computer’s USB port and left it to charge. Three hours later, it caught fire. The above is an aftermath pic.

About two and a half weeks after his post, a replacement iPhone arrived. Holburne returned the flambe phone so that Apple’s engineers could pick it apart to figure out what happened.

On his blog, Colbourne notes:

“I won’t say it was the easiest process. Apple’s European headquarters in Ireland explained that ordinarily this would be classed as ‘accidental damage,’ and would not be under warranty. Apparently, iPhone fires are so rare that the company assumes that faulty parts are not to blame and that it must be in some way connected to user error…In my case I was lucky that the Apple engineers had seen the story, checked out the photo, and wanted to get their hands on the phone in return for a new one.

The takeaway here seems to be, yes, iPhone fires are perhaps a fluke but if anything happens to your iPhone or Apple product, blogging about it helps get some satisfaction —  though Colbourne says his first post was just to see whether anyone else had encountered the same problem.

Via A Roman Thought

Sweat Damaging iPhones?



Getting physical with your iPhone may cause a short circuit from sweat. At least that’s what a couple of iPhone users in Houston complained about to “Ask Amy,” a consumer advocate segment of local news station KPRC Channel 2. (Story here.)

“I never would’ve bought a phone if I knew it would ruin the first time I got it out at the gym,” Stacie Keneker complained.

“They sell all these accessories that you are supposed to be able to use at the gym to make it convenient,” Lee Pittman, described as “peeved at Apple” said.

The news story goes on to say that  Keneker and Pittman use their iPhones at the gym to listen to music or use the calorie-counting fitness applications that come with the phone. They said Apple employees told them their sweaty palms are the likely culprit here. So far none of these consumers has gotten any relief from Apple — moisture is considered an accident, so not covered by warranty.

CNET looked further into the perspiration problem:

“On most cell phones, the sensors are located underneath a removable battery and enclosed by the cover that usually locked the battery into place. In comparison, Apple’s sensor (at the bottom of the iPhone) could easily be set off by sweat from your hands. You can see the sensor locations for a iPhone 3G in the photo above and a Nokia cell phone below for comparison.”

The easiest way to avoid the problem may be using a case that covers both the headphone jack and the docking/sync connector.

Anyone provoked a sweat-related short circuit?

Via Cnet