PhoneRescue makes iPhone data loss less scary


PhoneRescue shows that depth and flexibility are key with mobile data recovery.
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How to back up your data and hand off an old iOS device


Hold off on iOS 10 for now.
Backing up your data is easier than ever before.
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If you’re planning to get hold of a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in the coming weeks, you’re probably planning to get rid of your old handset — either by selling it or handing it over to a friend or family member.

Before you do that, however, make sure you follow our handy guide so you know exactly what to do to safely hand off an old iOS device.

This iTunes alternative will free up space before your iOS 10 update


MacX MediaTrans
MacX MediaTrans makes it easy to back up and manage everything on your iPhone or iPad.
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How to back up your iPhone or iPad to an external drive


Use an external hard drive to free up space on your Mac.
Use an external hard drive to free up space on your Mac.
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If you’ve got a tiny hard drive on your Mac and a large-capacity iPhone or iPad (or both!), you might worry that you’re about to run out of space due to all the stuff you want to back up from your iOS device to your OS X one.

You won’t have to worry any longer. This trick makes your Mac back up your iPhone or iPad to an external drive, which will ensure you never run out of space to keep your data backed up.

Here’s how.

Back Up iPhone W/Out Computer With Iomega’s SuperHero Dock [Review]



Lucky me. I got the husband’s cast-off iPhone 3GS. But only after my old Razor phone fell in a lake. Although I do love the iPhone (who wouldn’t?), I am often forgetful and lazy with it. Meaning that I never charge it and never download photos to the computer.

This is where the Iomega’s SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone saves the day. This small portable dock charges your iPhone and downloads your data simultaneously.

So when I inevitably drop my iPhone in the garbage disposal, at least I won’t lose my address book.