iPhone could double as driver’s license


Sample mDL
One state is testing replacing drivers licenses with a mDL app.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iPhones already replace credit cards, and a pilot program is exploring the next logical step: a digital drivers licence.

Delaware just began testing a mobile driver license (mDL) with some state residents, checking if a smartphone application can be kept secure while offering real advantages over plastic cards.

Last chance: Turn long books into quick shots of information [Deals]


CoM - Instaread
With Instaread, you can cut down on needlessly lengthy reads and get straight to the heart of bestselling books.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s a lot easier to create a reading list than it is to make progress on one. For many people, the time and energy to get through a book is harder and harder to find. Luckily, you don’t always need to read every word of a book to catch its meaning.

Instaread has rolled this principle into a popular app. It provides summaries of more than 500 New York Times Bestseller books, condensing them into digestible overviews with key takeaways that can be consumed in just minutes, by reading or listening. And for the last time, you can get a lifetime subscription to Instaread for $49.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

iPhone app gives digital shooters a taste of film


This app may inspire you to grab an old camera and shoot a roll of film.
Photo: Filmborn screenshot/Mastin Labs

What is the best way to convince a global community of mostly digital photographers that they should pick up an old camera and shoot film? Put film on the iPhone.

That is exactly what Seattle-based Mastin Labs has done with its new film emulation app for iOS, Filmborn.

Wikipedia app update will keep you pleasantly occupied for hours


The latest Wikipedia mobile update brings exploration to the fore.
The latest Wikipedia mobile update brings exploration to the fore.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Whether you’re into a quick search for needed information or a deep dive down the rabbit hole of a massive topic of your own choosing, chances are you’ll spend a bit of time on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia’s new iOS app update today will help you with both use cases, letting you drill down to a single bit of knowledge as well as leaning back and enjoying your exploration of the online portal’s over 36 million articles.

New iPhone app Yallo lets you record your conversations


Get Yallo in on your phone conversations.
Get Yallo in on your phone conversations.
Photo: Yallo

When I first became a reporter, I bought one of those little mics you could suction-cup to a telephone to record interviews. That was some gadget, except for having to tape it to the handset because the suction cup sometimes popped off.

You can still buy this kind of microphone or use your smartphone with an app called Yallo. A simple interface lets you record incoming calls, share the recorded conversation with an associate or have recordings transcribed and automatically sent to email.