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iPhone 7 concept imagines Apple’s dark future


A black iPhone 7 would be killer.
A black iPhone 7 would be killer.
Photo: Martin Hajek/Flickr

Apple might be going back to black with the iPhone 7, making it the darkest iPhone since the days of the iPhone 3Gs.

We got a major crush on the deep blue iPhone 7 earlier this month, but now that mockup artist Martin Hajek has whipped up this Space Black creation, we’re torn between what Apple’s new iPhone color should be.

Prepare to drool:

Mockup proves iPhone 7 would be beautiful in blue


This could be your new iPhone.
This could be your new iPhone.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple might add a new color to the iPhone lineup and this year it won’t be a new shade of gold.

Recent rumors have claimed that the iPhone 7 will come in a “Deep Blue” color option when it launches this fall, which sounds kind of strange, until you look at the beautiful mockups created by Martin Hajek.

Even though the iPhone 7 isn’t expected to feature any major design changes, we will gladly fork over the cash for an upgrade if it looks this good:

iPhone 7 concept video isn’t as crazy as it looks


Iphone 7 concept video parachute system
Don't worry -- the Parachute System has this under control.
Photo: Sonitdac (via YouTube)

A tongue-in-cheek (we assume) iPhone 7 concept video shows a feature that may be too awesome to ever actually exist.

YouTube user Sonitdac has discovered a way to keep the sure-to-be-expensive device safe from even the clumsiest of owners. They call it the “Parachute System,” and we really wish it were real. Not because it would be useful or practical but because it would be a ton of fun to play with.

Check it out in computer-generated action below.

This is what a full-screen iPhone 7 could look like


iPhone 6s
An edge-to-edge display would look great on the iPhone 7.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

There have been plenty of rumors about Apple creating a bezel-less iPhone, but a new concept by designers DeepMind, in collaboration with SvetApple, may be my favorite yet.

It’s a nifty feature which would keep the iPhone looking like the current model — only with the neat addition of letting users enlarge photos and video right to the edge of their devices.

Check out the video below.