Shatterproof and water-resistant? Full iPhone 6 spec list contains surprises


iphone 6 back cover (1)

Bad news for anyone in the cellphone repair business!

A full list of the iPhone 6 specs we’ve received from a source in China says not only is the iPhone 6 water-resistant but that the screen is shatterproof.

Not “scratch-resistant” or even “scratch-proof,” but “shatter proof,” which suggests the new iPhone is nearly indestructible and could put a few repair shops out of business.

As far as we can tell, the spec list below is the most comprehensive list of features published to date.

Juciest iPhone 6 leak ever



Peak iPhone 6 rumor season is upon us and in just a few short weeks we really will know what Apple’s next smartphone(s) will look like. Until Tim Cook actually takes the stage though, the leaks will keep flooding in, but none are sure to be as juicy as what vlogger Doldo411 just uncovered over at the Second City Network.

Thanks to sources close to the situation, Doldo411 got an exclusive first look at the iPhone 6, and after performing a quick teardown, reveals the new iPhone design is definitely thicker but more flexible that previous designs.  It also comes with a delicious new case with gradient wood paneling. If this isn’t the real iPhone, it’s at least the funniest leak of the year.

Take a look: