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Apple Announces New Photo Stream Social Networking Options In iOS 6 [iPhone 5 Event]



This seems new: Apple just announced that in iOS 6, you’ll be able to share photos through Photo Stream with friends, and when you share, you can comment on the photos, have your friends comment on photos and even like photos, with all changes pushed to you by notification. It looks like Facebook integration into Photo Stream, but Apple’s not calling it that. Is this Apple getting into the photography social networking game?

Also, Apple’s right. Alex Heath is a slob. Someone get that poor hobo a clean shirt.

Image: The Verge

The iPhone 5 Got Killer Audio Upgrades Too [iPhone 5 Event]



The iPhone 5’s improvements aren’t all visual though. It’s also got a bitching new audio system.

First of all, the new iPhone has three microphones, at the front back and bottom. That gives much better voice clarity.

Speakers have five magnet transducers, which is up from three.

And the earpiece? Built in noise canceling of your own audio out. That’s actually super impressive.

These are the silent killer upgrades. Expect the iPhone 5 to be the best sounding smartphone in the world.

Image: GDGT

Apple Officially Announces The 4-Inch iPhone 5 [iPhone 5 Event]



“We have some very exciting news to tell you about the iPhone,” Tim Cook says. And now Phil Schiller’s up.

“I think Time Magazine said it best ‘it is the phone that has changed phones forever’ and boy were they right,” says Schiller. Every year they raise the bar. Here comes a hole new bar.

“Today we’re introducing the iPhone 5.” The iPhone 5 rises from a pedestal in front of the audience. Holy crap.

Tim Cook: We’re Selling More iPads Than PC Makers Are Selling All Of Their Computers Combined [iPhone 5 Event]



Tim Cook is going through the preliminary statistics of Apple’s business right now, which is usually where people snooze in these events, but this number really stuck out to us: Tim Cook says that the iPad has sold “more iPads than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC line.”

Read that quote again. It’s absolutely nuts. There are 84 million iPads out there, as of June. And Apple has done this while still growing the Mac 15% year-over-year compared to just two percent year-over-year growth for PCs.

Apple rules the computer world.

Image: GDGT

Tim Cook Takes The Stage To Announce The iPhone 5 [iPhone 5 Event]



It’s finally here. The event everyone’s waiting for. Tim Cook has just walked on stage at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts in San Francisco, California to announce the iPhone 5.

What will the iPhone 5 be? Rumors peg it as wide screen, thinner, better battery, and LTE capable, along with a new Dock Connector called Lightning which is much smaller than previously.

What else is coming? The iPod Touch, new iPod nanos, new iPod shuffles, a new version of iTunes and the possibility of new iMacs and a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

We’ll know shortly. Now Tim Cook’s opening his mouth: “It’s an exciting time for Apple. An amazing time. An extarodinary time…”

It sure is.

Image: The Verge