Wooden SigniCASE iPhone 4/4S Case [Deals]



Your iPhone case says a lot about you. Functional? Funky? Retro? Modern? Wooden. Yeah, I said wooden. There is something classic and soothing about something made from wood. Why not an iPhone case?

These beautiful, laser-etched iPhone cases fit the iPhone 4/4S snuggly, don’t add a lot of extra weight, and protect your iPhone and look cool. Pick one of six designs made from bamboo, sapele, or walnut and you can have something that I’m pretty sure other folks haven’t seen too often.

And that says a lot too.

This deal is only for the Continental U.S.

How Cult of Mac Helped One Business Dream Come True



Every now and then you hear something that makes your heart bounce with pride, and recently we at Cult of Mac heard one of those things.

It turns out that a prototype iPhone case design we featured here back in March has become a real commercial product, thanks to its investors seeing it mentioned on our site.

We’re delighted that we were able to play our part in turning this business idea into reality. But we’ll let the guy who came up with it, Joey Chun, tell the whole story.

We’ve Never Seen a Case as Finely Tuned as the Rokform Rokbed iPhone 4 Case [Review]



It’s difficult to find stuff made on U.S. soil these days. Heck, sometimes it seems like nothing is made here. But that’s not true of the elite, exo-skeletal Rockform Rokbed iPhone 4 case ($80), intricately machined from a solid block of aluminum: It’s designed and manufactured in the good ol’ U.S.A. (and it’s not shy about saying so), in Orange County, California by one of the most unlikely outfits to make an iPhone case — the motorcycle fanatics at Two Brothers Racing.

Nuu’s New Mini Keyboard/Case Like a Baked Potato, Loaded with Good Stuff



I love the soft tappity-tap of popping out an email, text, IM or 348-page novel on my iPhone’s virtual keyboard. Some people, though, prefer banging around on actual keys.

For them, then, NUU’s new MiniKey might make sense (currently $80 at Amazon): It’s a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard/case with a frilly feature list that includes backlit keys, text-editing shortcuts and a power-saving function that puts the little guy to sleep by severing the BT connection after a lapse of activity; start typing again and voila, it reconnects.


SwitchEasy TRIM (in White) for iPhone 4 [Review]



Have a new white iPhone 4? Looking for a case to go along with it? The SwitchEasy TRIM ($19.95, Big Shoulder Devices) in white just might be the one that you’re looking for. It’s made of “super tough Scratch Resistant Hydro Polymer materialfused with highly durable polycarbonate” to give your iPhone 4 some great protection as well as making it look pretty slick. It’s available in several different colors, and is all around a nice value. Check out my full review below.

ElementCase’s Vapor4 iPhone 4 Case Is Style Over Substance [Review]



ElementCase specializes in making highly personalized aluminum products for iOS devices. They’ve created some of the best iPhone cases in the past, both in terms of design and functionality, and have recently released the luxurious Joule iPad stand.

The Vapor4 case for iPhone 4 is the latest addition to their catalogue, and for me, it’s love at first sight.

Gasket Case for the iPhone 4 Coming Soon from id America



id America’s Gasket series of brushed aluminum cases for the iPhone 4 aren’t available yet, but I can’t wait until they are: the bronze colored case, in particular, is just a few glued-on wristwatch cogs away from a thorough steampunking.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait, but the Gasket cases should cost just $30 when they’re made available, and id America promises that they will provide owners with “perfect fitment.” You can’t put a price on that, can you?

Replace The Glass Back On Your iPhone 4 With Brushed Metal For Just $14



Before the iPhone 4, the worst that could happen to the back of your handset in a clumsy drop is a few dings or scratches, but the new iPhone’s all glass back makes the accidental spill twice as hazardous as it was before by doubling the glass surface area that can be cracked, splintered or shattered in a fall. Add antenna attenuation issues into the mix and a case becomes a better investment than before, but some people simply prefer the pristine look of an uncovered iPhone.

This iPhone 4 accessory is an interesting solution to the problem of Apple’s latest smartphone’s fragile backplate. In essence, it’s a just $14.

[via Technabob]

Reminder: Free iPhone 4 Case Program Ends Today



Just a friendly reminder: if you fancy a free case or bumper for your iPhone 4, today is your last day that Uncle Steve is going to make it easy for you to get one.

Yup. Today, September 30th, is the day that Apple’s free iPhone 4 case program comes to a close, making getting a bumper to wrap around your attenuation-prone iPhone 4 antenna as easy as downloading an app and waiting (quite) a few weeks delivery.