Griffin’s MultiDock Syncs and Charges 10 iPads At Once



The Griffin MultiDock aims to fix a problem that most of us never have to deal with: charging and syncing 10 iPads at once.

This $700 piece of technology calls itself, “the complex, flexible way to charge and store multiple iPads.” You can daisy chain three of these bad boys together to create a hub that can charge/sync 30 glorious iPads.

The iPad Dockintosh Makes Your Retro Macintosh Come to Life [Video]




Say hello to the “iPad Dockintosh.” This iPad speaker dock is made out of a classic Apple Macintosh Plus and iPad insert. The retro and modern worlds collide.

Featuring an easy insert for your iPad, this setup will turn your favorite tablet into one seriously retro fusion of Apple gadgetry. You can initiate the home button from the Macintosh body itself, and open the detachable front to check out the integrated dock, charger and speaker.

Watch the video all the way through to hear how and why Techmoan created this awesome setup.

(Thanks, Corbin!)


The Octiv Stage Lets You Dock Your iPad However You’d Like It



There’s no shortage of iPad docks out there, but most offerings force you to dock in portrait position, which can make typing on your iPad via a Bluetooth keyboard something of a pain.

Altec Lansing’s latest dock, the Octiv Stage, fixes that by allowing you to swivel the iPad when it’s docked between landscape and portrait, while also packing in some impressive speakers to add a little bit of oomph to your iPad’s audio output.

It’s a nice looking dock, if a bit beefy, but unfortunately it has an equally beefy price: $150.

iHome Releases Its First Bluetooth-Streaming Dock For iPad


iHome iA100 w iPad

Docks that can accommodate the iPad are a quickly swelling niche in the home electronics market; iHome’s throws another hat into the ring with their wide-stanced iA100, combining a sleek look and Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth capabilities include streaming music from a BT-equipped iDevice, and turning the unit into an iPhone speakerphone (though Skyping won’t work, as Skype has yet to add BT functionality to their app). Sound from four active speakers is enhanced through the same Bongiovi DPS processing technology found on their flagship iP1, and a free app available through the app store add a slew of features like enhanced alarm controls, and even sleep stats.

The iA100 is available now, and sells for $199.

Phillips’ Fidelio Is Big Enough To Dock An iPad, But Bluetooth Means You Don’t Need To



There are a lot of iPod docks on the market, but not a lot of them have docking trays big enough to accommodate the iPad without snapping it in half over your knee first… a tact which has some obvious repercussions on the resulting music’s audio quality.

Phillips’ latest dock changes that with a docking tray wide enough to accommodate the iPad’s chunky width. Called the Fidelio, the dock also features Bluetooth so that your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch doesn’t even need to be plugged in to avail itself of a nicer, room-filling speaker.

The Fidelio is also portable, with a battery that allows you to play music up to five hours per charge. Unfortunately, the Fidelio’s price and release date has yet to be announced.

[via, image Slashgear]