How One Vegas Casino Uses iPads To Loosen Up Gamblers


Spense is an iPad-toting
Spense is an iPad-toting "Beverage Ambassador" at the Rio casino.

LAS VEGAS — The Rio casino is using iPads to do what casinos do: get visitors drunk and lose money gambling.

Located just off the bustling Vegas strip, the Rio casino has a team of “Beverage Ambassadors,” who wander the casino floor with iPads taking drink orders.

The system has been in place a year now, and it’s so successful, the casino is wondering why the other Vegas gaming joints haven’t copied it.

Here’s how it works:

How an iPad Helps Run a Therapist’s Office [Interview]


Psychotherapist Marcos Quinones.
Psychotherapist Marcos Quinones.

Psychotherapist Marcos Quinones has got streamlining a one-man office down to a science.

Quinones, a former software developer, is a New York City-based cognitive behavioral therapist and licensed clinical social worker who runs his entire office on Apple gear.

He credits the iPad with making a big impact in the smooth running of his sole practice.

As part of our continuing series about businesses using the iPad, he shares a few key apps that help him process payments and help with patient records, saving time and money.