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iPad Pro gets a surprisingly big price cut


iPad Pro 6
Apple's price cut may sell a lot more iPads.
Photo: Apple

The price of a brand-new iPad Pro just got a lot cheaper today after Apple slashed prices on both the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models by up to $100.

Apple’s price drop coincides with a storage upgrade for other iPad models, including the iPad Air 2 which is available in 32GB and 128GB configurations on the WiFi-only models.

Check out the new prices:

Week’s best Apple deals: Lowest-ever prices on MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and more


Apple deals
Get the lowest prices we've ever seen on current-gen Apple gear.
Photos: Apple, Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

We are already dreaming about the iPhone deals we’ll be able to bring you in coming weeks, after the iPhone 7 debuts on September 7 and retailers slash prices on older models.

But for now, we’ve got four Editors’ Choice deals with some of the best prices on Apple hardware we’ve ever seen.

Apple pushes out update to fix bricked iPads


iOS 9 is upping security.
iOS 9.3 is bricking some iPads.
Photo: Apple

iOS 9.3 has caused headaches for some iPad owners, who updated to the new operating system only to find their devices bricked. But Apple already has a fix out to help bring those older devices back to life.

Apple temporarily pulled the iOS 9.3 update from some devices yesterday. The company has since released a new build of the update specifically for iPad 2 users whose devices failed to install the update.

Smaller iPad Pro is even bigger on features


iPad Pro prices
Prices aren't the only major difference between iPad Pros.
Photo: Apple

Size isn’t the only thing that counts when you’re weighing your iPad Pro options.

Sure, it’s a major consideration. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro that Apple showed off earlier this week has the same dimensions of the less sprawling iPad Air 2, and it weighs just under a pound. That’s about two-thirds the weight of the original Pro, and people trading up from an iPad Air won’t need to look at new cases or bags to carry the thing around in.

But that’s all surface stuff, and the two iPad Pros have a lot of differences behind — and even inside — their screens.

How to decide which iPad is best for you


Which one is best for you?
Which iPad model is best for you?
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

With the iPad lineup now verging on unwieldy, it’s harder than ever to decide which Apple tablet to buy. Which iPad is best for you? That’s going to depend on your needs, desires and budget — but your iPad buyer’s guide can help!

Do you go for the massive appeal of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro or opt for the smaller-but-newer (and slightly gimped) 9.7-inch iPad Pro? Will a tiny iPad mini suit you, or should you opt for an iPad Air 2, which is still a very capable, thin tablet?

All good questions! We’re here to help you answer them with this handy iPad comparison, just in time for when the new iPad Pro goes on sale Thursday, March 24 (most likely at 12:01 a.m. Pacific, according to Apple Support).

Apple seeds yet another iOS 9.3 beta


IOS 9.3.2 beta 2 is here.
Photo: Apple

It seems like iOS 9.3 has been in beta for years now, but Apple isn’t quite done fine-tuning its biggest software update of the year.

Apple released iOS 9.3 beta 7 to developers this afternoon, exactly a week after the last version was seeded to devs and public testers. iOS 9.3 adds new features such as Night Shift mode, multiple Apple Watch pairings on one iPhone, improved Apple News and Apple Music apps, and some great education features for iPad.

Developers can grab the new beta directly from the Apple Developer Center portal or via an over-the-air update if you have the previous beta installed.

Here’s a roundup of the new features to expect:

Everything we know about the new 9.7-inch iPad


Get ready to meet the iPad Pro's smaller sibling.
Get ready to meet the iPad Pro's smaller sibling.
Photo: Apple

The iPad Air lineup hasn’t been updated since October 2014 but that is finally set to change on March 21st when Apple is expected to unveil a new 9.7-inch iPad that will undoubtedly be the best tablet to ever come out of Cupertino.

Thanks to a flurry of rumors and leaks over the winter we have a pretty solid idea what Tim Cook and company will reveal when Apple loops us in at 1 Infinite Loop. If you want Apple’s first keynote of 2016 to be a surprise, stop reading now.

Here’s everything to expect from Apple’s new iPad: