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Never run out of phone space with this secure cloud backup


This all-in-one cloud backup secures your precious files.
This cloud backup secures all your media with 256 AES encryption.
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Our iPhones are mini-computers — and we’d hate to lose a single precious file. Whether it’s a video of your friends at a concert a few years ago or photos of your dog as a puppy, this G Cloud Mobile Backup ensures that you never lose your most important media (for practical and sentimental reasons). It also helps maintain some extra space on your phone, so you don’t constantly need to delete files to avoid maxing out.

AnyTrans makes managing your iOS device a breeze


AnyTrans interface on Mac
AnyTrans gives you access to the content on your iOS device
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This post is brought to you by iMobie, maker of AnyTrans.

With the iTunes breakup just around the corner, and the rise of cloud-based services, managing the content on your iOS device is getting harder and less accessible. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case with AnyTrans.

AnyTrans for iOS is an all-in-one iPhone manager and file-transfer app for both Mac and PC, as well as a powerful backup utility for all the iOS devices in your life.

Password-protect iOS file transfers with DearMob iPhone Manager


DearMob iPhone Manager
DearMob iPhone Manager
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This post is presented by DearMob iPhone Manager.

iTunes was groundbreaking when it launched in 2002. But since then, it’s evolved very little, especially in terms of managing iOS data. Updating your iPhone means mastering a maze of syncing options and data categories. iTunes is also the very definition of a walled garden, limited to moving content around that already lives on it — you can’t just pull music straight from your folders onto your phone.

Pro Tip: iTunes is your best bet for iOS 9 backup and upgrade


Back up everything you can before you try to upgrade to iOS 9, OK?
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Pro Tip Cult of Mac bug When you back up your iPhone before upgrading to iOS 9, you have a couple of choices. You can use iCloud or iTunes.

For your best, most comprehensive backup, connect your iPhone (or iPad) to iTunes. Seriously, iTunes backs up almost everything — and it’s your best bet for downloading iOS 9 when the upgrade becomes available today.

Here’s how to do it.