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Apple crowns its 12 favorite apps of 2016


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To top off its monstrous opening day of WWDC 2016, Apple revealed the winners of its 2016 Apple Design Awards. The 10 developer apps and 2 student selections showcase the cutting edge of iOS technology by pushing their genres to new levels.

Games were the big winners last year, but this year Apple has highlighted everything from audio creation tools to a beautiful writing app.

And the winners are …

iOS 10 won’t be compatible with all iOS 9 devices


You might need a new iPhone to get iOS 10.
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Tim Cook called iOS 10 “the mother of all releases” during today’s keynote in San Francisco, but Apple doesn’t plan to share iOS 10’s greatness with all the devices that are currently running iOS 9.

Apple made iOS 9 supported on more devices than ever last year by pushing it to all iPhones and iPads running iOS 8. This year though it appears that some users will be left out of the update, including iPhone 4s owners.

Here’s which devices will be compatible with iOS 10:

5 of Apple’s best-paying jobs–and how you score one


Apple Position Image

With over $223 billion in revenue and 115,000 employees, Apple is unquestionably a tech giant. And given its financial success, competitive wages, and sheer brand power, it’s no wonder that it’s the dream workplace of many seeking to work in tech.

Interested in landing a job at this Cupertino-based company? Read on: we’ve crafted a list of some of Apple’s highest paid positions and their job requirements, as well as several resources designed to get your foot into the door.

Prepare to break into the booming business of iOS coding [Deals]


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iOS 9 security update means more passcode unlocks


There has to be a safer solution.
It's not just in your head.
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If you’ve found yourself entering your passcode more frequently since you updated to iOS 9 — even though you have Touch ID enabled — it’s thanks to Apple’s latest security measures.

In an update to its Security Guide, published this month, the company confirms that iOS 9 will make you enter your passcode if you haven’t used your iPhone or iPad in at least eight hours.

iOS 9 adoption hits 84 percent, weeks before iOS 10 arrives


iOS 9 is good, but iOS 10 needs to be spectacular.
More than 8 out of 10 users are now running iOS 9.
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With WWDC (and, presumably, iOS 10’s debut) weeks away, Apple has revealed that 84 percent of possible users are now upgraded to iOS 9, currently the latest version of its mobile OS.

For those keeping track at home, not only is that an extra 4 percent increase from the numbers announced at Apple’s iPhone SE launch event in March, but it also puts Android’s fragmented adoption figures to shame.

9.7-inch iPad Pro is no laptop replacement, but it’s a terrific tablet [Reviews]


iPad Pro 3
iPad Pro is even better at 9.7 inches.
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Apple really, really wants you to replace your laptop with an iPad — especially if that laptop is powered by Windows. But before that switch can even be considered, the iPad needs to do everything your laptop can and more. That’s where iPad Pro comes in.

With its new A9X chip, it’s the most powerful iPad to date. It does everything your old iPad did, but it does it better. It’s compatible with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, and now it’s available in a smaller form factor with a 9.7-inch display.

This new model is easier to carry around all day, but it packs almost exactly the same punch as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro — and the same stellar speakers. It has also adopted the incredible 12-megapixel iSight camera from iPhone 6s, with the dual-tone LED flash.

It’s everything you want in a tablet — and more.

TrackR’s new app can find lost iOS devices even without GPS


The iPhone 6s is selling like hotcakes.
We found your lost iPhone...
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Finding your iPad or iPhone is about to get a whole lot easier, even under the worst circumstances, thanks to a new app from TrackR that can locate your lost iOS devices regardless of whether or not its connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

The new free app called TrackR tablet, runs on both iPhone and iPad, and simplifies the way you find lost iDevices. There’s no sign in process to get into the app. Just open it up and ring your lost iPhone.

iOS 9.3 bug turns links into iPhone crash bombs


Safari is constantly crashing for some iOS 9.3 users.
Safari is constantly crashing for some iOS 9.3 users.
Photo: Apple

Update: Apple has released iOS 9.3.1 to fix the iPhone web links problem.

If you have an iPhone running iOS 9.3, whatever you do, do not install the Booking.com app.

iPhone users are reporting that an iOS 9.3 bug, possibly related to the Booking.com app, causes some apps to freeze and crash when tapping on links — and it’s not entirely clear what’s causing it.

Learning to code for mobile means getting your hands dirty [Deals]


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This bundle of video lessons will get you fluent in key tools and techniques for iOS 9 development.
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