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Evasi0n Updated to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 [Jailbreak]


Evasi0n Jailbreak iPhone 5

Apple released iOS 6.1.2 earlier today, and jailbreakers are officially safe from the brand new firmware. Two updates to iOS 6.1 have been released since the Evasi0n jailbreak was unleashed, and Apple has yet to patch the hack. It was revealed earlier today that 6.1.2 was still safe on Twitter.

The Evasi0n website has been updated to officially recognize 6.1.2 as a supported firmware version. You can download it now and use the free tool to jailbreak any iOS device running 6.1.2. Existing jailbreakers on 6.1 have no reason to update to 6.1.2 and re-jailbreak unless they are affected by the Microsoft Exchange bug.

If you’d like to jailbreak with Evasi0n, make sure to use our handy tutorial.

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Evasi0n Jailbreak Will Be Updated To Work With iOS 6.1.2


Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 2.57.29 PM

iOS 6.1.2 is out now, quashing some battery life and Microsoft Exchange issues… but is it safe to update if you’re a jailbreaker?

Right now, the answer to that question is a qualified no. If you want to keep your jailbreak, you shouldn’t update yet, but according to Team Evad3rs member Planetbeing, iOS 6.1.2 will in all likelihood be jailbreakable in very quick time. [Update: Planetbeing now says that Evasi0n will be updated tonight with iOS 6.1.2 support!]

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.2 With Microsoft Exchange Bug Fix


Will we finally be able to block those late-night, slurred-word phone calls? Here's to hoping.
Will we finally be able to block those late-night, slurred-word phone calls? Here's to hoping.

Apple has released iOS 6.1.2 for all of its iOS devices, including the iPad mini and iPhone 5. The release notes say that a bug with Microsoft’s Exchange accounts has been fixed. This public release follows iOS 6.1.1, an update that was made available for the iPhone 4S on February 11th.

The minor 6.1.2 update is available now OTA. Apple has previously said that it would fix a lockscreen passcode bug in a future update to iOS 6. This update most likely patches the Evasi0n jailbreak as well, so jailbreakers beware!

We’ve got the direct download links below the break.