iOS 13 won’t nerf your older iPhone


Buggy iOS 13 made Apple rethink how it develops software
iOS 13 is often quicker than its predecessor, and won‘t drain your iPhone battery.
Screenshot: Apple

Head-to-head tests show that models as old as the iPhone 6S run iOS 13 at least as fast as iOS 12, and some devices see a performance boost.

The same is true for battery life: testing indicates Apple’s latest operating system puts no additional strain on the battery of older models.

Apple stops signing iOS 12.4 after patching jailbreak exploit


Stop the madness
There's no turning back!
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple has stopped signing iOS 12.4 following the release of iOS 12.4.1. That means that it’s no longer possible to downgrade again from the latest version of iOS if you’ve already upgraded.

iOS 12.4.1 fixed a security flaw which allowed an iOS jailbreak to be created for the first time in ages. It’s no wonder Apple doesn’t want you turning back!