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Pick Wall Street winners with lifetime access to this powerful stock screener


Learn how to invest more wisely with Tykr Stock Screener, now only $100 before Black Friday.
Gain investment intelligence with Tykr, now just $99.97 ahead of Black Friday.
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Investing can feel like a crapshoot — especially these days. However, with some Wall Street knowledge and a powerful stock screening tool, you’ll be well on your way to making better investments.

You can enjoy stock analysis, stock investing tips and much more with Tykr. Ahead of Black Friday, you can unlock lifetime access to this investment education platform for only $99.97 (regularly $900) with code STOCK. You need to act fast, though, as this sale only lasts until December 3!

Make savvy trades with the Tykr stock market app ($20 off)


Pick up lifetime access to the Tykr stock market app for $20 off.
Maximize your money with a boost from this popular stock market app.
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An increasingly murky economic outlook (debt ceiling anyone?) makes it more important than ever to maneuver the stock market with some savvy. Fortunately, you no longer need to pay outrageous fees in order to trade like a pro.

For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to the Tykr stock screener’s Pro Plan is available at $20 off the sale price ($119.99) when you use coupon code STOCK. This offer is valid only through May 28.

Score this smart stock analyzer for just $200 and learn to make solid investments


Score smart stock analyzer for just $200 and learn to make solid investments.
This $120 stock screener can make the stock market and investing simple.
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To really grow your wealth, you need your money to work for you and not just sit in a savings account losing value. But, getting started with investing can be daunting, and not understanding what you’re doing can result in costly mistakes.

Tykr, a smart stock screener, can be an incredible tool for making investing simple. Your first smart investment? Grabbing Tykr on sale. Now, you can get a lifetime subscription to the Tykr stock screener Pro Plan for only $119.99.

How can Mac users find a forex trading platform?


You, too, can become a forex trader using your Mac.
You, too, can become a forex trader using your Mac.
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This forex trading post is brought to you by Compare Forex Brokers.

“Forex trading” refers to trades of national currencies on the foreign exchange market, aka forex or FX. Most forex trading platforms for average investors were built for Windows computers, however. So what are Mac users who want to get into forex trading supposed to do? We describe some options below.

Invest intelligently with this real-time financial tool


This financial tool will help your investments
Ready to rake it in? This financial tool will help you manage your investments.
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Whether you’re an experienced trader who’s been dabbling with the stock market for years, or just beginning to seek out ways of earning passive income, the people who get the most out of their investments are ones that strategically manage their hard-earned funds. And, while the stock market can sometimes be volatile, the best way of keeping track of your funds and shifting your investments around is being able to track how your stocks are performing in real time.

If you want to do that without needing to work with a broker (and pay brokerage fees), check out this lifetime subscription to the Currency HeatwaveX Financial Tool.

Shrewd millennial investors make Apple their top stock pick


Apple waives developer fees for nonprofits, others in 8 additional countries
AAPL shares have been boomin the last 12 months.
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Millennials don’t just love Apple for the iPhone. Turns out AAPL is also their favorite stock.

A recent survey of over 734,000 portfolios from US-based investors with an average age of 31 found that Apple and Amazon are the two most popular stocks with young investors by a long shot.

Top free personal finance Mac apps get your financial life (securely) in order


Dashlane - finance apps
Getting your financial life in order online only pays if you keep passwords and crucial data safe with Dashlane.
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This personal finance app post is presented by Dashlane.

Is this the year you pledged to get your financial life in order like a properly functioning adult? If so, there’s still time. Or, you can start laying the groundwork for a 2020 New Year’s resolution that will stick.

Whether you need help saving, budgeting, paying bills, tracking expenses, investing or all of the above, there’s a free personal finance Mac app for that. Some of our favorites are below. And you can use any or all of them more securely, keeping sensitive financial data and logins safe, if you try them in concert with Dashlane, the official password manager of Cult of Mac.

Woz fires up a blockchain-powered VC firm


Woz is ready to put his magic fingers to work at investing.
Photo: Reddit

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is ready to hop aboard the blockchain hype train with his latest venture that specializes in blockchain tech.

Equi Global, a venture capital firm powered by blockchain, revealed that Steve Wozniak is one of its co-founders and that the company is looking at 20 companies to invest in before it even launches.