Instaport.Me Exports Your Instagram Photos So You Can Abandon Ship Before Facebook Sinks It




Did you just hear the news that Facebook paid a BILLION dollars for Instagram? Yeah, it’s crazy. I’m still dumbfounded by the news and mourning the loss of one of my favorite social networks. Sure, Zuck says that Instagram is going to operate as an independent entity and that they’re not going to make any changes. But I’m not buying it. How long will it be til Instagram is pressured to start monetizing their 30million+ users? And how are they gonna make that cheddar? Convert it in to a Facebook esque interface with recommendations and pop-up ads?

My friends, the world is a changing, and Instagram as we know it might not ever be the same again. Maybe I’m panicking worse than the First Class passengers on the Titanic. Maybe everything’s fine. Maybe it’s not. If you’re not certain about the future of Instagram but you want to keep all your sexy faux-vintage photos in your digital safe, there’s an easy-to-use service that will export all of your photos from Instagram. It’s called, and it’s actually pretty awesome.