Infuse 2.0: The Best Media Player For iPhone And iPad Gets Redesigned For iOS 7


infuse 2

Back in April, I called Infuse the best media player for iOS out there. VLC hadn’t returned to the App Store at the time, and Infuse was the slickest, most versatile video player available in the App Store.

VLC for iOS made its triumphant over the summer, but Infuse continued to hold its own with support for over a dozen video formats, AirPlay, and video transfers over WiFi. But after the release of iOS 7, Infuse’s theatre-like UI started to look dated. Today FireCore released Infuse 2.0, the app’s biggest update yet that includes a completely redesigned interface, more video formats, 1080p with surround sound playback, and improved streaming.

Infuse Media Player For iOS Updated With AirPlay Support, WiFi Transfers, And More



Infuse is my favorite third-party media player for the iPhone and iPad. And until VLC for iOS returned to the App Store, there was really no competition. FireCore, the maker of Infuse, isn’t letting other apps get the last word. In today’s big update, Infuse has received a number of great features, including support for AirPlay and file transfers over Wi-Fi.