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iPhone 5 Rumor Breakdown: What You Can Expect [Infographic]


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You’ve read plenty of rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 on Cult of Mac by now, but what about the big picture?

Our friends at Nowhereelse.fr have put together a handy infographic detailing all of the marquee iPhone 5 rumors and the likelihood of each one actually making its way into the phone next month. Some big tech and Apple blogs were consulted for the making of this graphic, including Cult of Mac. Here’s the results:

It’s Official: Mac Users Are More Fashionable Than PC Users [Infographic]



Remember the “I’m a Mac” campaign where Justin Long served as a super cool, hip looking youngster representing the Mac brand, while John Hodgman was a frumpy looking PC? A lot of PC users complained that they were being misrepresented and stereotyped based on their operating system of choice, but a new study reveals that Apple users really are more fashion-forward and style-conscious than PC users.

Big Surprise – Paper Textbooks Likely To Be Cheaper Than IPads For a Long Time [Infographic]



Earlier this year Apple announced their plan to help revitalize the American Education System by putting digital textbooks on iPads into the hands of high school students. Apple’s belief is that learning on an iPad is a far superior experience to lugging around printed books that aren’t interactive. We compappletely agree that interactive learning is the road America needs to take, but getting there is going to be a huge problem. A recent study shows that using paper textbooks in schools is a lot cheaper than iPads, and that’s not likely to change unless Apple takes some drastic steps to reduce cost.

What’s Smaller Than Apple? [Infographic]


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The media is constantly comparing Apple’s incredible bottom line to other companies and industries. At one point, it was said that Apple was worth more than the entirety of the U.S. government. Apple’s market cap recently reached a staggering $370 billion, and things don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

We all have a pretty good understanding of what Apple is larger than. But who has less market cap than the moneybags in Cupertino?

An Ode to Steve Jobs [Infographic]


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There’s been no shortage of opinions and letters of thanks to Steve Jobs since he announced his resignation as Apple CEO yesterday afternoon, and it can be easy to get caught in the news whirlwind around Jobs and his effect on the identity of Apple.

A wonderful infographic has been put together by the folks at Column Five Media titled “An Ode to Steve Jobs.” For a quick walkthrough of Steve’s accomplishments over the years, make sure you check this out.

Understanding the Way Lion Saves Files [Infographic]



One of Lion’s most impressive features is the new way that the OS handles the saving and managing of files. Versions and Resume allow the user to never have to worry about saving or losing files again — Lion just takes care of it.

If you still don’t really understand how Lion saves files, check out this infographic to see the process laid out in a simple way.

The Apple Family Tree [Infographic]



Some of us probably remember the Apple I. Then there was the Lisa, followed by the first Macintosh. Apple products have evolved rapidly in the last 35 years, and now Apple has become much more of a mobile company.

Mashable has put together a wonderful infographic, called “The Apple Tree.” What would Apple products look like if they were placed into a family tree? Find out after the break!

Happy 4th Birthday, iPhone! [Infographic]


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To mark the fourth anniversary of the original iPhone, Mashable has put together an incredible infographic covering the four years of iPhone. You can see it below, and it really puts into perspective what a momentous event the release of the first iPhone was.

In many ways, it’s hard for me to remember my first iPhone without wincing a bit — no apps? Only 4GB of storage? —but Mashable has it dead right when they say “when we look at the mobile industry, there is a very clear line between what happened before June 29, 2007, and what happened after.”

Although it seems antiquated now in a lot of ways, the original iPhone is easily the singly most important cell phone of the last twenty years.

Happy Birthday, iPhone, and thanks.

The Evolution of the iPod Nano [Infographic]



Perhaps more than any other device in Apple’s electronics arsenal, the iPod nano has changed dramatically over the years. Birthed as the iPod Mini, the first generation nano rounded off and slightly shrank the design, while adding a color screen.

The second generation nano contented itself with a mere material shift to an aluminum case, while the third generation was crunched down to a a squat while gaining Coverflow and video playback.

That squat design was reversed in the fourth generation and the display lengthened while the nano gained an accelerometer and shake-to-shuffle capabilties.

The fifth put the nano’s display on the rack and stretched it out so long it was capable of displaying 16:9 movies when held horizontally, as well as adding a video camera, voice recording, an FM radio and a pedometer to the mix.

And now here we are in the sixth generation, which shrinks the nano down to the size of a Shuffle, ditching the 16:9 display, video camera and voice recording of the previous generation in favor of a smaller form factor and a 240×240 pixel multitouch screen.

As the above infographic by DVICE shows, the nano’s been a polymorph. Who knows what other forms the nano’s shapeshifting design will take over the next half decade?