iQi Adapter Proves Wireless Charging Isn’t Ready For The Mainstream [Review]


iQi Wireless Charger by Fone Salesman
Category: Chargers
Works With: iPhone 5/S
Price: $21 plus ~$25 for charging pad

Wireless charging is a beautiful concept that fails to live up to its promise in reality. That’s not to say it’s unusable – far from it. I’d put wireless charging pads in the same place as Wi-Fi was some years back – useful when it works, but frustrating to get working properly.

The little iQi panel goes some way to fixing up the main problem of wireless charging on the iPhone. Because it’s not built in, you usually need a bulky case to pair with the charger itself. The iQi is so tiny it can be used with any case.

Wireless iPhone Charger Slim Enough To Fit Inside Your Case




I don’t know what it is with wireless chargers and the letters Q and I, but what I do know is that the iQi is the first one I have actually considered using. You see, instead of a fat case to hold the induction circuits, or the flux capacitor, or whatever it is that makes wireless charging possible, the iQi is a tiny slim sheet that slips inside your existing case.

Apple Awarded Induction Docking Station Patent



So, yeah, like clipping the white 30-pin docking cable to the bottom of my iPad and iPhone is SO difficult. You kids these days have it easy. Back when I got my first iPhone, the docking cable had little freakin’ buttons you had to press on the sides just to disconnect it. Man, those were the days.

Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah. Patents. One specific patent, in particular.