Look at all these fantastic iPhone 12 cases


Apple plans several iPhone 12 cases, all MagSafe compatible.
Apple’s iPhone 12 cases aren‘t ready yet, but there are plenty of third-party options available now.
Photo: Apple

There are already plenty of iPhone 12 cases to choose from, even though Apple’s newest handset hasn’t yet reached customers hands. When this product arrives on October 23, they can have a case waiting.

Here’re are descriptions of a wide range of options already up for sale, along with lots more coming soon.

CES 2020 trends: AirPower alternatives, rise of 5G, tasty TVs


It's shaping up to be an exciting year for tech.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

CES 2020The post-holiday tech fest that is CES shutters its doors today for another year. This week’s event has been as weird and as wonderful as any other, giving us a glimpse of all kinds of innovative gadgets on the way in 2020.

Better AirPods alternatives. Wireless chargers that achieve what Apple couldn’t. iPhone cases you can throw on the compost heap when they’re no longer needed. Here are the biggest trends from CES 2020.

Incipio’s plant-based iPhone cases are ready for your composting pile


Incipio's Organicore cases decompose within 6 months.
Photo: Incipio

CES 2020 It’s finally possible to protect your iPhone from drops without adding extra plastic to our overflowing landfills.

Incipio, one of the largest smartphone case makers on the planet, is backing the plant-based plastics with its slim new iPhone 11 cases made out of Organicore, a 100% compostable material that can decompose in a compost pile in just six months.

Sleek iPhone 7 case puts the headphone jack back where it should be


The biggest problem with the iPhone 7 has been solved.
The biggest problem with the iPhone 7 has been solved.
Photo: Incipio

CES2017 iPhone 7 users no longer must choose between charging their device or listening to headphones, thanks to a new case that restores the headphone jack to its rightful place.

Getting a headphone jack back on the iPhone 7 comes at the cost of some serious bulk, but with Incipio’s new OX case, at least you won’t have to carry around a dongle anymore.

Incipio Cashwrap



In Germany, bank cards come with NFC chips that let you make small payments just by tapping your wallet onto the POS machine. You pre-load the chip with money from your bank account (only small amounts are allowed, because if you lose the card you lose the money) and spend it as cash.

So I finally see the point of NFC in a phone. And now I can have NFC in my iPhone, thanks to Incipio’s Cashwrap case.

Cult of Mac’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers



It’s that time of year again. Not the holidays — I’m mean yeah, sure it is, but that’s pretty obvious. No, it’s the time of year when we drive ourselves (and others) a little crazy running around trying to find gifts at the last minute. Especially those pesky stocking stuffers — the little gifts that fill in the gap between “it’s Christmas? Geez, I completely forgot” and “honey, I bought you a Lexus.”

Check Out Incipio’s Cool App For Making Custom iPhone Cases [CES 2011]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2011 — Incipio had a hit on its hands here at CES with a free iOS app that allows you to make your own custom case.

Using Incipio’s Bespoke Case Customizer app, you can upload your own photo and have it printed out on a custom case — right from your iPhone or iPod touch. Normally the service costs $30, but Incipio was printing out free cases at its booth instantly. Here’s some video of the app in action.

iPhone 4 Case Review: Incipio’s ‘Feather’ Case Offers Thin & Lightweight Protection



If you’ve recently purchased an iPhone 4, you’ll be wanting to protect your shiny new device from scratches, scuffs and bumps. Now that it’s been around for a few months, there are a lot of cases on the market that claim to do just that, but how do you know which one’s right for you? I’ve lost count of the number of cases I purchased for my previous iPhones that, after using for a week or so, I decided weren’t suitable for a number of reasons.

This is where the iPhone 4 Case Review comes in; it’s a weekly review of a variety of iPhone 4 cases which aims to give you some advice and guidance on protecting your beloved new gadget. We’ll test out a range of cases so that you don’t have to, and hope to help you decide which case is best for you. We’ll try out snap cases, sleeves, protectors, pouches and anything else we can find!

Our first review is of Incipio’s Feather case. I chose this one first for one reason; out of all of the cases I purchased for my 3GS, the Feather was the one I used most and the one I was most impressed with, although it did have one flaw. Check out the review after the break.