The Best Headphones [Best Of]


The earbuds that came with your $600 iPhone are junk, and if you bought an iPad, Apple didn’t even include a pair in the box. It’s time to upgrade.

Trouble is, there are all kinds of cans out there. How do you know what set is right for you? Some people (like me) seem to have a pair for every situation. For everyone else, here’s our guide to the best.

Fashion Marries Utility With Marc Jacobs Hot New iPhone Cases



Available exclusively at the Apple store starting today are these stylish new snap cases for iPhone 4S forged from a partnership between LA’s Incase and New York fashion house Marc by Marc Jacobs.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Snap Case series is the first such design collaboration between these two leading internationally renowned brands. What they’ve done is couple the tough protectiveness of Incase’s hardshell snap-on cases with Marc by Marc Jacobs’ eye-catching feminine graphics.

Brick Your iPhone With The Rubber Box Case


Boxy, yet still somehow foxy.

Incase’s Box Case for the iPhone is just that: a boxy, sharp-cornered rubber case with a brutalist minimalism that wouldn’t look out of place on London’s South Bank. And not only does the thing look awesome, it also offers quite a bit of protection thanks to all the extra rubber at the corners. It’s probably not a good idea to start tossing your iPhone on the floor, but if it does accidentally drop, then it might at least bounce to a safe end.

Incase Travel Kit Plus Is Your Mobile iPad Office Solution [Review]


Incase Travel Kit Plus

There are hundreds of decent iPad cases out there. Unfortunately, very few leave you room for anything other than the iPad itself. What about your stand, your wireless keyboard, your charger or your headphones? Carrying all the accoutrements needed to set your iPad up and use it more like a notebook may seem to defeat the purpose somewhat, but a lot of us use our tablets like that every day. If you like to carry your iPad fully loaded, the Incase Travel Kit Plus ($59.95) is a great solution.