IMDB App Updated For iOS 7, Adds New Navigation And Stalking Features



The IMDB app has finally – finally – been updated to fit in with iOS 7’s tasteful decor. Heavy users of the app won’t really notice anything different in the layout, which remains as easy to use as ever (and way better than the terrible web version), but everyone will appreciate the new lick of paint, and the other new features that have been added to v4.0.

IMDB iOS App Update With Ability To Purchase Movie Tickets In U.S.



IMDB released a new update for it’s iOS and Android apps today that includes a new feature that will allow iOS users to purchase movie tickets via the app. The free update also comes with a tie-in to the Amazon Mobile app that allows you to choose to buy a movie in IMDB and then order it through Amazon.

Ticket purchasing in the IMDB update is powered by Fandango. Once a user purchases a ticket it can be added to your Passbook and then scanned by theater staff for admittance just like in the Fandango iOS app. The app also has a new “Coming Soon” feature that lets you add movie release dates to your iOS calendar.

Here are the full release notes:

IMDb Hits Version 3.0 With Fresh Look, Recommendations, And More On iPad



The IMDb app is one of my favorites on the iPad, so I was pleased to see that it received a pretty big update today with a lot of new features. Version 3.0 brings a new user interface that focuses on showcasing movies and TV shows in a visually appealing way. There’s a full-featured Watchlist and recommendations that are tailored to each user.

The general experience of browsing photos and lists has been greatly improved and goes hand in hand with the revamped interface. The iPhone version of IMDb has received a little love too.

Double Feature Answers The Question ‘What Movie Were Those Guys In Together?’



Double Feature is a great new iPhone app which is going to revolutionize drunken, late-night movie conversations in pubs, bars and kitchens the world over. It has two functions: Movie Match and Name Search. But all you need to know is that when you find yourself saying “Who was that guy in [x] movie? I can’t remember his name… But hey, wasn’t he in [y] movie, too?” then Double Feature is the app you reach for.