The Best Accidental iPod Engraving You’ll Find [Image]



Be careful what you request on Apple’s website. While you might think you’re passing on the opportunity to get something beautiful engraved on your iPod, you might actually be requesting it.

That’s what happened to one unfortunate redditor who swears he totally didn’t want Apple to engrave anything on his iPod. This joke has been around for years, but it’s still funny, right?

Source: Reddit

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New Doxie One Scanner Comes With Lower Pricetag But No Batteries


image: Apparent

We’ve mentioned Apparent’s Doxie Go portable document scanner a few times in the past. The flexible, battery-powered scanner is a trusty tool for any mobile professional; anything fed into its maw can be turned into 300 dpi images on a Mac, iPad, the cloud — or Doxie can simply keep the scanned images for later download.

The new Doxie One, unveiled today, comes without the $200 Doxie Go’s rechargeable lithium battery — but at $150, it’s also considerably cheaper.

This Is What The Apple Logo Looks Like Under An MRI Scanner [Image]



If the Apple used a real apple and an MRI scanner to make their logo it’d probably look something like this. Brazillian physician Gabriel Camargo was at work the other day, eating an apple, when a thought popped into his brain that it’d be pretty cool to create an MRI scan of the Apple logo.

So he placed his apple in the idel MRI scanner that was nearby and the result was the image you see above. Even though the placement of the bite is a tad off, we think it looks pretty sweet.

Source: WIRED

These iFeet Slippers Are The Gift For Perfect Every Apple Fanboy [Image]



We know pretty much nothing about these fancy slippers, other than the fact that they’d be the perfect gift for all your Apple Fanboy friends this Christmas. They’re made by Footsie 101 in London, and it looks like they come in more color varieties than the iPod nano. No word on pricing, but we can’t imagine these will be on sale much longer once Apple finds out.

Source: Instagram

Klipsch Image One Headphones: The Best Little Big Headphones Around [Review]



While other manufacturers might tart up their headphones with loud colors, obnoxious logos and frills, the Klipsch Image One ($150) drops all extraneous nonsense in favor of making you happy through its three impressive strengths: perfomance, comfort and portability — a triple threat that makes these headphones a contender for best traveling companion.

Here’s One Reason Why Mountain Lion Will Be Better Than Windows 8 [Humor]


Tough choices.

When you’re upgrading your PC to Windows 8 and can’t decide if you should keep nothing, or keep nothing, don’t worry, Windows 8 will help you decide.  At least that’s what happened when one person on Twitter upgraded their OS today. It’s probably just a small bug, but we’ll stick to Mountain Lion when it comes out.

Image: Jukka Eklund

Via: Steve Troughton-Smith

Dater Adds Timestamps & Dates To The Pictures Stored On Your iPhone [Jailbreak]


Dater makes it easy to see when each of your photos was snapped.
Dater makes it quick and easy to see when each of your photos was snapped.

Have you ever been browsing through your iPhone’s camera roll and stumbled across a photo that you don’t remember taking? Or would you like to know how old that picture of your sister’s cat is? Then you need Dater, a new tweak for jailbroken iPhones that adds timestamps and dates to the pictures stored on your device.

Windows 8: Made By Microsoft, Designed On A Mac [Image]



The guy in the picture above is named Bill Flora, and according to the caption accompanying his smiling face from this CNET article, Bill’s a key leader on the team that created the Metro interface that Microsoft will be using for all desktops, laptops and tablets running Windows 8.

Looks like a nice guy, right? Now take a look at Bill’s work desk, and notice that he is designing Windows 8 using exclusively Apple products, including an Apple Cinema Display, a MacBook Pro, an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and what appears to be a Magic Mouse.

Good taste in hardware, Bill! Windows 8… good enough to be designed on a Mac. Hey, that should be Microsoft’s new tagline!

[Thanks for the tip, Paul!]

Update: Apparently Bill is no longer with Microsoft. Here’s hoping Apple snatched him up!