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CrazyTalk7 Pro: Addictive Facial Animation At Your Fingertips [Deals]



We know making your dog talk with your own voice is entertaining and will get everyone laughing hysterically. With CrazyTalk 7 Pro you can take pets, sketch drawings, baby photos or inanimate objects to create fun and interesting videos in minutes.

And Cult of Mac Deals has CrazyTalk7 Pro available for only $79.95 during this limited time offer – a savings of 46%!

Grab An Apple-Certified Lightning Charge And Sync Cable At A Great Price [Deals]



Cables wear out, get lost, and you never know when you’ll need another, so grab one of these to keep in the car, at the office, or tightly wound in its packaging until you call it up from the reserves.

Cult of Mac Deals has another great deal lined up for those of you who have been looking for that extra cable for your iPhone. And this Apple-approved Lightning cable is available at an amazing price…just $17.99!

Unleash Firepower And Fun With The iPhone-Controlled Cobra iHelicopter [Deals]



With this Cult of Mac Deals offer, you can turn your living room into a war-zone with this iPhone-controlled, missile-firing helicopter.

Forget toy remotes – you control this hovering hellion with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or
iPad! Just download the free app, plug the transmitter into your headphone jack, and take flight. Grab one of these for just $49.95 – a savings of 28% – and make it a holiday the tech-lover in your life will never forget.

Create Custom Slideshow Videos With Photo Slideshow Maker Pro For Mac [Deals]


CoM - photoslidemainframe_630x473-1

I’m always looking for new ways to present my work — whether for live presentations or for showcasing to family and friends. That means finding innovative ways to build slideshows for presentations, and there are times where I’d rather use my own photos than stock photography. And I’m all about efficiency along with effectiveness, so when a tool can offer that then I’m all ears. Cult of Mac Deals has such an offer on the table right now.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create clean slideshow videos out of your photos, it doesn’t get much simpler than Photo Slideshow Maker Pro. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for 60% off – only $19.99 – during this limited time promotion.

Get Your iTunes Ready For School With Tunes Cleaner #BackToSchool [Deals]


CoM - itunescleaner_mainframe_630x473

This is #BackToSchool week at Cult of Mac Deals. There will be several new deals launching each day. Check in here each day for new deals for #BackToSchool. There will be a ton of apps, gear, gadgets, games, and more to buy just in time for the start of school, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for deals that have school — and savings — in mind.

The last thing you want when you get back to school is to wade through tons of digital clutter. Not only does it slow you down, but it can slow your Mac down if you’ve maxed out its internal drive with music, photos, and documents.

So before you hit the books again, breathe some new life into your Mac by cleaning out your Mac and claiming back some of that much-needed space on your drive. Here are some of the areas you should focus just a little bit of time on so that you can return to school with a cleaner, more organized Mac.

Little Innovations For Your iPhone And Mac That Can Go A Long Way [Deals]


CoM - Cablekeeps

The big upgrades you can add to your devices aren’t always going to be the ones that can make the biggest difference in how much you get out of them. It’s often the little innovations that can really change the way you use them. One example would be the much-talked about Tile, which goes beyond the iDevices we have and will serve to help us keep tabs on a slew of our personal belongings.

When focusing on little innovations for iDevices, Cablekeeps are a great example of an add-on you can use with your iPhone iPod, or iPad that does something small that can mean a lot more – like getting cable clutter out of your way. Cablekeeps allow you to wrap up the excess cord onto your Apple power adapter so that the unsightly extra length of cord gets wrapped up quickly and neatly for those moments when you want to grab and go everything you’ll need to charge those iDevices of yours. As a frequent traveler, this little innovation can be a big help in keeping the cable clutter down and ensuring you’ve got everything you need to keep powered when you take your iPhone on the road. If you want to get one of these – available in orange, light blue, or green – Cult of Mac Deals has them going for only $12.99 right now.

The Mini Utility Mac Bundle: 3 Apps To Keep Your iDevices In Shape [Deals]


CoM - Mini Utility Mac Bundle

Our iDevices have become an essential part of our digital lives. Don’t they deserve a little bit more protection when (and where) you can get it? Cult of Mac Deals has both the “when” and “where” covered with the latest offer: The Mini Utility Mac Bundle.

With this bundle, you’ll get 3 apps that will take the protection of your data on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad to a whole new level. For a limited time, you can get that protection for just $19.99 from Cult of Mac Deals!