iOS 7’s Maps Icon Is No Longer Trying To Kill You [Image]


From top to bottom: pre-iOS 6 Maps icon, iOS 6 Maps icon, iOS 7 Maps icon.

When Apple unveiled iOS 6’s new Maps icon, it became an emblem for everything that was wrong with Apple Maps, a service that — at launch — was widely criticized as being inferior to Google’s own maps data, which every previous version of iOS had shipped with.

Why the icon? Because it gave directions that would probably end up killing you if you followed them in real life. But that’s all changed in iOS 7.

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Apple’s FaceTime Icon Makes No Sense




I’ve never given much thought to Apple’s FaceTime icon, but it really doesn’t make any sense. Like seriously, what is the trapezoid on the right? It can’t be the lens because there’s a lens in the box. Is that the back facing camera and the triangle trapezoid is the front camera?

It’s supposed to be an old video camera glyph with the lens superimposed, but it’s so redundant that it still doesn’t make any sense for FaceTiming purposes.

The FaceTime icon should probably look something like this instead:

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Apple Attempts To Trademark Its Music Icon, But Myspace Got There First


Let's hope it's not really called iRadio.
The Music app on iPad.

Almost everything Apple creates is patented and trademarked in an effort to ensure that other companies can’t steal its ideas (though they do). However, sometimes the folks in Cupertino hit a stumbling block. That’s what happened when Apple attempted to trademark its Music app icon recently, only to find that Myspace got there first.