Apple Has Already Banned The Perfect Apple Fanboy Portable Speaker



Apple’s legal team is freaky fast, and they don’t mess around. Yesterday we saw these portable speakers by iAudio2 that feature a glowing Apple logo on the casing. They’re small and probably sound like crap because they’re so cheap, but they look great. Too great. And we warned that if you wanted to get one you should act quick because Apple would be coming out with the ban hammer real fast.

Well, Apple has already sent iAudio2 a cease and desist letter telling them they better stop the sales of the iAudio2 immediately, or else. But iAudio2 has decided they’re not done having their fun just yet, and that even though Apple said to stop selling their product immediately, they’re going to keep selling them for the next 24hours before they run away scared. Unless of course Apple calls again, then they’ll stop immediately.

Here’s iAudio’s full letter to customers regarding the situation: