Document your masterpiece-in-progress with this nifty timelapse Mac app


Hustl app
What better way to record your stunning digital painting?
Photo: Hust

Judging by the number of timelapse art creation videos on YouTube, people in 2020 don’t just like to see great art online; they also like to see how it was created.

Timelapse videos are a great way to show this — since they allow creators to compress the lengthy process of making something, whether it’s a kickass Photoshop montage or a digital drawing into a few short minutes. The results can make you realize just how much work goes into a particular finished product.

Hustl 2.0, a newly rewritten Mac app, offers a great, one-click way to do this. While there are plenty of screen recording apps, this one doesn’t require a whole lot of postproduction speeding-up to create the finished piece. Just a couple of clicks and you’re good to go.