iPhone triumphs over local rivals on record Chinese shopping day


Tim Cook China 1
Tim Cook looking happy in China. As he very much should be!
Photo: Tim Cook/Weibo

The iPhone outsold Chinese rivals on Alibaba platforms during China’s Singles Day on November 11. Singles’ Day is a holiday in which people not in a relationship buy themselves gifts.

Alibaba, the e-commerce giant that is the equivalent of China’s Amazon, sold a record $30.8 billion in gross merchandise during the day. Apple’s position as number one mobile brand is therefore pretty darn impressive!

China tells Trump to ditch his iPhone for a Huawei


Chinese company Huawei wants the media buzz that would come with releasing the world's first foldable phone.
Worried about China eavesdropping? Simple: Buy a Chinese smartphone.
Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC

A representative for China’s Foreign Ministry says a report in The New York Times about the country possibly eavesdropping on President Donald Trump’s personal iPhone is “fake news.” Spokesperson Hua Chunying does, however, have some advice for the leader of the free world: Switch to a Huawei phone.

Hey, for a company like Huawei that loves celebrity endorsers, Trump would be one hell of a catch!

LG latest smartphone to one-up Apple on camera count


LG V40
The LG V40 and its many cameras.
Photo: LG

Korean electronic’s giant LG is teasing the rollout of a new smartphone with multiple cameras.

The LG V40 will feature three cameras on the back plus two front-facing cameras, joining Samsung and Huawei in what is shaping up to be a marketing war featuring the phone with the most cameras.

Huawei van trolls Apple on day of iPhone XS launch


Huawei van
Huawei is promoting its new Mate handsets.
Photo: Huawei/Twitter

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei recently stole Apple’s crown as the world’s second biggest smartphone maker on volume. But it’s still keen to position itself as a scrappy young upstart, jabbing away at the larger, trillion dollar Cupertino giant.

With that goal in mind, the Chinese manufacturer today trolled Apple at the launch of its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. How? By parking up a Huawei van outside Apple’s flagship retail store in London to engage with prospective customers.

Huawei tweets knock new iPhones for ‘staying the same’


Huawei tweets
What could Huawei be talking about?
Screenshot: Huawei/Twitter

Huawei, one of Apple’s biggest competitors in smartphone sales, fired off a series of tweets that mocked the iPhone maker immediately following Wednesday’s unveiling of new products.

Most of the tweets originating from Huawei’s mobile division were a kind of sarcastic appreciation, including one that said, “Thank you for keeping things the same.”

Apple dominates global wearables sales with only one product


What cool new features are hidden inside that slimmer Apple Watch Series 4 frame? [Mockup]
People around the world buy lots of different types of wearable computers. But not enough to outsell the Apple Watch.
Photo illustration: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

We already know that Apple sells more smartwatches than everyone else. But there are other types of wearable computers. Do companies sell enough of these other types to overtake the Apple Watch? In a word…Nope.

But the second largest wearable maker might surprise you. Especially considering how close behind Apple they are.

Samsung rushing out folding smartphone to be the first to market


This early prototype Samsung foldable phone suggests how the Galaxy X might look.
This concept folding phone is from years ago, but still suggests what Samsung may be planning.
Screenshot: Samsung

There’s a race on to introduce the world’s first folding smartphone, and Samsung appears committed to winning. The head of its mobile division says his company will unveil a foldable phone before the end of this year.

Other companies racing to introduce rival foldable devices include Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo. Apple is being more deliberative.

Photo fakery in smartphone ads shows genius of ‘Shot on iPhone’


Shot on iPhone
A picture and three words are advertising gold.
Photo courtesy of Jen Pollack Bianco

Within a week’s time, two of the Apple’s biggest rivals got caught using misleading photos in ad campaigns that promoted the quality of their smartphones’ built-in cameras.

The embarrassing screwups of Samsung and Huawei showcase the simple brilliance of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

US government bans employees from using risky Chinese phones


Chinese company Huawei wants the media buzz that would come with releasing the world's first foldable phone.
Huawei is the second-largest phone maker globally, but it just became illegal for the US government to buy its products.
Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC

By law, anyone who works for the U.S. government must give up their phone if it was made by Huawei or ZTE. And federal agencies must get rid of routers and other networking equipment made by the two Chinese companies as well. This is a requirement in the Defence Authorization Act just passed by Congress.

The rule came because both Huawei and ZTE are considered to be too closely tied to the Chinese government to be trusted.

$1,000 iPhone X just the start of rising smartphone prices


iPhone X laying down
The iPhone will continue to get more expensive, thanks to you.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s bet on a $1,000 smartphone has paid off in a big way, and that’s bad news for iPhone fans.

As the iPhone X continues to be Apple’s best-selling smartphone, analysts warn that it will encourage even higher price tags year after year. You can expect this year’s iPhone lineup to be even more expensive, and you won’t save much by shopping elsewhere.