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Cloudbleed bug may have exposed your passwords


Another nasty internet bug may have exposed your data.
Another nasty internet bug may have exposed your data.
Photo: Cloudflare

Get ready to change all your passwords again.

A huge new memory leak from web services company Cloudflare may have left data from thousands of domains exposed, including some very high-profile sites. Cloudflare says it fixed the problem, which was caused by a bug known as Cloudbleed, but not before users’ sensitive data got cached by search engines.

Google is pushing to encrypt more of its services


Google is finding increasingly effective ways to keep its data secure.
Photo: David J. Roger

The latest Google Transparency Report shows that since January 23, 77 percent of all requests to its servers have used encrypted connections.

The numbers on the new report are current as of February 27, and the company says it’s “working hard” to achieve full encryption across all of its services.

Poor security leaves popular Mac apps open to attack


MacBook Pro
Protect your Mac.
Photo: Apple

When it comes to your Mac apps, there’s reason to fear a so-called man in the middle.

A security engineer is reporting several apps vulnerable to malicious coding through Sparkle, the third-party software framework apps use to receive updates. Some of the apps identified include versions of Camtasia, VLC, uTorrent, Sketch and DuetDisplay.