Tim Cook Takes Second Trip To China To Meet With Government Officials


Tim Cook with Miao Wei, the head of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Tim Cook with Miao Wei, the head of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Tim Cook has kicked off 2013 with a second visit to China. The Apple CEO met with Miao Wei, head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, to discuss the development of China’s information technology industry, mobile communications, and Apple’s expansion in China.

The Cupertino company has doubled its number of retail outlets in the nation, and its iOS devices are becoming increasingly popular there. Cook’s last visit to China came in March 2010 before he pledged “greater investment” in the world’s largest market for consumer technology.

Apple’s New Store In Hong Kong Features A Massive 30-Foot Glass Curtain Wall



Apple’s been focusing their retail expansion overseas the last few years. They recently announced plans to build their first store in South America, and they’ve continued to open up new flagship stores in Asia.

Hong Kong already has two Apple Stores, but a third store is opening up in the Causeway Bay area this Saturday that is both massive and beautiful. The main feature of the Causeway Bay store is its 30-foot glass curtain wall that allows customers to see all three stories of the store while walking by on the street.

Third Apple Store In Beijing Opens In Wangfujing Later This Month



An Apple store is opening in China next week, in Wangujing Street, an outdoor pedestrian mall that has been there for over 800 years. This will the the third retails store in Beijing, China, and it’s said that it will be the largest Apple store in Asia. It will join over 200 other shops in the shopping destination center about a mile from historic Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

iPhone 5 To Launch In India On October 26 [Rumor]


Apple is expected to sell the iPhone 5 directly in India this time around.

The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in India on October 26, more than seven weeks after making its debut in the United States. The device is also expected to come with “wider availability” than previous models, which were hard to get hold of, and should come with a similar price to the iPhone 4S when that first launched in India.

Playing The Apple Store Lottery Is The Only Way To Bag The iPhone 5 In Hong Kong


Customers queue for the iPhone 5 at IFC Mall in Hong Kong.
Customers queue for the iPhone 5 at IFC Mall in Hong Kong.

If you think the iPhone 5 is hard to get hold of where you live, spare a thought for those in Hong Kong, where the device is in such short supply, users must play the “Apple Store lottery” to be in with any chance of getting their hands on one. According to one analyst, locals have more chance of winning the real lottery than picking up the Cupertino company’s latest smartphone the day after they order.

New York Hong Kong iPad Cases: Forget The Posing — These Are Some Seriously Slim Cases


The Folio Shell may be my next iPad case


The search for the perfect iPad case is never ending, but that won’t stop me trying. And as you get further along in your quest, the differences between cases becomes smaller and smaller. At first glance, these two slimline cases from Lioncase look like any other slimline folios and Smart Covers, but close up they look much more compelling.

Apple’s iTunes Store Is Lost In Translation After Landing In Hong Kong


Apple's iTunes Store is lost in translation in Hong Kong.
Apple's system is converting song titles to Mandarin pinyin as opposed to Cantonese.

After finally bringing the iTunes Store to Hong Kong back in June, it seems Apple is having trouble translating its content into Cantonese. Customers are reportedly irritated that song titles by the city’s pop stars are being translated in Mandarin pinyin, rather than Cantonese.

Hong Kong Court Sides With Apple, Dismisses Evidence In Proview Case


Proviews bid to sue Apple for $400 million just hit a hurdle.
Proviews bid to sue Apple for $400 million just hit a stumbling block.

Proview’s legal battle against Apple over the use of the “iPad” trademark continues to drag on, but things haven’t quite gone to plan for the Chinese company. A Hong Kong court has sided with Apple and agreed that some of Proview’s evidence should be excluded from the case after it failed to comply with the court’s instructions.