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HomePod 2 teardown reveals it’s far easier to repair than the original


HomePod 2 teardown reveals it's far easier to repair than the original
Disassembling a HomePod 2 requires a screwdriver, not a saw.
Screenshot: iFixit/Creative Electron

A teardown video from iFixit shows that getting into the recently launched HomePod 2 is dramatically easier than opening up its predecessor. That’s going to make repairing the new smart speaker far simpler.

The video is an interesting deep dive for anyone who just wants a glimpse inside the latest HomePod.

HomePod 2 wait times stretch out until March


Apple HomePod 2 in white and midnight
Demand for HomePod 2 has outstripped supply.
Photo: Apple

Order the recently unveiled HomePod 2 from the online Apple store today and it might not arrive until March. Preorders for the revived version of Apple’s full-size smart speaker have surpassed the launch-day supply.
There seems to be some pent up demand for the product.