Festive Android & iOS Sales Help Angry Birds Rack Up Another 30 Million Downloads



Is Apple Trying To Tell Us That Apps & Games Are Finally Coming To Apple TV? [Updated]



If you’re an Apple TV owner, you’ve likely been looking forward to the day when Apple finally announces support for apps and games. We don’t know why it’s taking so long, but it looks as though the new feature could be just around the corner. Visit the store on your Apple TV, and you’ll notice Apple has added a number of banners advertising apps and games for the holiday season.

Either Apple’s trying to tell us a big feature is on its way, or someone inside Cupertino has gotten their graphics all mixed up.

Gameloft Discounts Select Titles Just In Time For Some Thanksgiving Gaming [Deal Alert]



If you’re looking to pick up a few of Gameloft’s hit titles at a fraction of the cost, you might want to check out the holiday sale they have going on right now. Starting today and running throughout the weekend, Gameloft is offering up a few hit titles for $0.99 each. Titles include The Amazing Spider-Man, BackStab, and more. Gameloft is certainly among the top publishers of console quality mobile games, so don’t miss out on this great deal.

The Official Apple 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here


Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 8.41.46 AM

As they do every year, Apple has posted their annual holiday gift guide, a well-designed and laid-out section of the Apple.com online store that is dedicated to gift ideas for the loved ones in your life.

It’s a pretty page, but there’s no deals to be had here. Apple does usually offer some Black Friday savings, but they’re pretty conservative, usually topping out between 5-10% on select Macs, iDevices and accessories. We should start seeing those deals leaking out later this week or early next ahead of Black Friday, November 23rd.

Source: Apple.com
Thanks: Pedro

Adding New Dock Connectors To All iOS Devices This Fall Is A Manufacturing Impossibility


In today's forecast: Lightning!
There's a good reason why this new dock connector won't be coming to all iOS devices this fall.

It seems like Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone will be the first iOS device to boast a brand new, mini dock connector when it launches this fall. But there have been rumors that claim Apple will refresh all its iOS devices to make the new connector a standard across its entire lineup.

Not only does this seem highly unlikely, but there’s one reason why it’s an impossibility: Apple’s supply chain just couldn’t handle a refresh that big.

The 30 Most Patriotic Wallpapers For Your Mac Or iPad [Gallery]



What’s better than watching fireworks blow up while chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” with a thousand strangers in the park? Nothing, that’s what. But the next best thing is a huge gallery of wallpapers you can dress up your iPad or Mac with to get patriotic for the Fourth of July. We’ve scoured the internet and found 30 spectacular hi-res wallpapers that represent what makes the U.S.A. one of the best countries in the wold. Check em out:

Apple’s Santa Siri Commercial Named Most Effective Ad Of Holiday Season [Report]


Screen Shot 2011-12-25 at 6.56.47 PM

Santa has come and gone on his sleigh, and Apple has profited along the way. A survey from Ace Metrix, a TV ad analysis firm, has revealed that Apple’s Santa Siri commercial beat out 34 other Santa-themed spots to win the crown of most effective ad for the 2011 holiday season.

Apple’s commercial, featuring Santa and the iPhone 4S’s Siri assistant, scored a 652 out of a possible 950 points in Ace Metrix’s survey, topping competitors like Pillsbury, Coca-Cola, and Nintendo.