Hipstamatic’s Oggl Is Live In The App Store Right Now



Oddly named social photo sharing app, Oggl is available now in the App Store. It’s currently invite-only, so you’ll need to download the app and request an invite. Once you do that, you’ll be in line to get a spot in this new experiment from Hipstamatic, one of the first “put a filter on it” photo app developers in the iOS space.

Hipstamatic wants to position this app as more than just a way to snap retro-looking photos of your dinner, but a way to capture and curate some of the best iPhone photography around.

Hipstamatic Is Trying To Rebrand Itself As “Oggl,” A Paid Photo Sharing Service


Remember Hipstamatic? Maybe you aren't hipster enough.
Remember Hipstamatic? Maybe you aren't hipster enough.

Before the 100+-million-user-giant that is Instagram, Hipstamtic was all the rage. No really, like totally. It was one of the first iPhone apps that helped popularize the retro filter look before Instagram stole the show.

Hipstamtic still exists believe it or not, and later this week it will be re-branded as “Oggl,” a paid, subscription-based photo sharing network for the iPhone.

Three Months After Firing Much of Its Staff, Hipstamatic Releases Gangster-Themed FreePak



The jury’s still out on what effect the firing in August of some key players at Hipstamatic will have on the app itself — but the toy-camera simulator is still pumping out the FreePaks, those cute virtual lens-and-film pairings that often tie in with some pop-culture reference. This time it’s based off the star-stuffed Gangster Squad flick, set to be released early next year. Oh, and they’re giving away a Canon 5D Mk III in a contest, if you’re interested.

5 Tips For Publishing Your iPhone Photos As A Book [Interview]


A shot from Jensen's latest book
An iPhone shot from Jensen's latest book "Wish You Were Here."

Travis Jensen is a self-taught photographer with a day job who has just published his fifth book of street snaps.

Shot with an iPhone 4 plus Hipstamatic’s John S. Lens and Blackeys Supergrain Film, “Wish You Were Here – San Francisco Street Snaps,” was published in collaboration with the Franklin Street Whole Foods store with proceeds to benefit Larkin Street Youth Services. (If you’re in San Francisco, you can meet Jensen and pick up a signed copy at the launch party at Hipstamatic headquarters on Thursday, November 29.)

Jensen offered Cult of Mac these tips on how he turned his weekend obsession of iPhone photo forays into supermarket checkout fare.

Hipstamatic Update Has Some Rad New Features, Now iPhone 5 Retina Display Ready



The Hipstamatic folks sent us word that their new 260 update is here, with some rad new features, like Multiple Exposures, Rock the Vote free films, a new switch for the flash, and fully iOS 6 and iPhone 5 capabilities – no more letterboxing.

You can now create double exposure (or triple or quadruple) to spice up your photographic styles. It’s available as a $0.99 in-app purchase, and should let you play around with lens, film, and flash combinations to your heart’s content.

6 Tips For Shooting Magazine-Worthy Fashion On Your iPhone [Feature]


@Peter Ellenby.
@Peter Ellenby, shot with an iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic's "WMag Freepak" lens.

September is back-to-fashion month, when glossy magazines bulge at the seams with their biggest issues of the year.

To celebrate its fashion-packed September issue, W magazine partnered with Hipstamatic for a new lens called “WMag Freepak,” offered free to download in-app until September 2, and launched a contest that will earn the winner a chance to shoot for the magazine.

Photographer Peter Ellenby, a self-taught shutterbug who has lived in San Francisco, shooting bands, events, portraits and fashion since 1994, took the WMag lens on a trial run for pics that will appear in an upcoming edition of Hipstamatic’s iPad magazine Snap.

Here are his tips for photographing fashion, including why you should save money on a studio but always accessorize your shots with a touch of crazy.

Want To Ditch Instagram? Here Are The Five Best Alternative Apps [Feature]




Now that Mark Zuckerberg controls your hipster, vintage-inspired photos that you took with Instagram, you might be feeling weighed down with the fear that your favorite photography app will see some major changes. I cried for a few minutes, then I realized that I never used Instagram to edit photos because its filters were actually very limited and pretty crappy. There’s tons of better apps out there. If for whatever reason you’re scared to stick with the new Instagram controlled by Facebook, there are plenty of alternatives to Instagram… and in many ways most of them are better. Take a look at these five awesome Instagram alternatives.