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Be More Coherent – Reply With Smaller Bits Of Emails On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


Reply Quoting

You know those long email threads, conversations, whatever you call them? The ones that run to the hundreds of words, several layers of indentation and quoting? Yeah, of course you do. We all deal with them.

Did you know that you could cut through the confusion with a simple move on your iPhone or iPad when replying to one of those beasts? Yeah, you can be the voice of coherence and reason, cutting to the chase and only replying with specifically selected text in your reply email.

Here’s how to do just that on your iOS device.

Use iBooks 3.1 To Study Better – Highlight, Search, And Make Notes In The Text [iOS Tips]


iBooks Highlight

iBooks is not only a fantastic e-reading app on your iPhone or iPad, but it’s also a fantastic study tool. If you need to read books for class or your own learning objectives, you can use iBooks to highlight words or passages, search the text for specific words or phrases, and make notes that appear in the margins as little colored sticky notes.

Using these tools could help you become a much more organized studier, letting you go back to a passage in a book to remember the important things with a couple of taps. Here’s how, using iBooks 3.1, the latest version of iBooks.