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ZCast update makes iPhone’s best podcasting platform better


ZCast on iPhone
ZCast now supports high-definition audio recording.
Photo: ZCast

ZCast, the app that makes podcasting from an iOS device easy, just got a big new update that makes it an even greater platform for publishing your own shows.

Version 3.0 gives users the ability to record in studio-quality audio, and support for social media embeds that allow fans to enjoy your content directly within tweets and Facebook posts.

Make Your Trailers App Play In Glorious 1080p All The Time On Your iPad or iPhone [iOS Tips]



I love movie trailers. I can while away a ton of time just tapping through new trailers via iOS’s universal iTunes Trailers app, checking out all the movies I’d like to see. It’s pure eye-candy, and usually contains most of the good stuff from movies, without all the annoying filler (I kid, I kid–sort of).

Of course, one of the (many) guilty pleasures of owning a new iPad is the super high resolution it affords. When playing movie trailers, then, why not be sure to have your iPad default to the 1080p High Definition when you’re watching the latest Cloud Atlas trailer, for example? Why not, indeed! Here’s how.

80% Off Wallpaper Wizard For Mac OS X For Two Dollar Tuesday [Deals]


Wallpaper Wizard features over 100,000 high-resolution wallpapers for your Mac.
Wallpaper Wizard features over 100,000 high-resolution wallpapers for your Mac.

Struggling to find beautiful wallpapers for your new MacBook Pro’s high-resolution Retina display? With Wallpaper Wizard for Mac OS X, you can browse over 100,000 high-definition wallpapers with resolutions up to 2880 x 1800 all in one place, saving only the images ones you want to keep. And best of all, Wallpaper Wizard is today’s Two Dollar Tuesday pick, meaning it has 80% off its normal $9.99 price tag.

LG’s New 5-Inch Smartphone Display Makes The iPhone’s Retina Display Look Like An Old CRT


Not enough pixels in your iPhone? LG has your back.
Not enough pixels in your iPhone? LG has you covered.

Okay, the headline may be a little exaggerated, but LG has finally given the iPhone’s Retina display a real competitor. Its new, 5-inch smartphone panel boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution with a staggering 440 pixels per inch and promises to provide incredibly crisp images with full, high-definition video.

In comparison, the iPhone’s 3.5-inch Retina display boasts just 326 pixels per inch at a 960 x 640 resolution.

AppleTV can play (but not output) 1080p content



One rather mystifying omission from the new AppleTV’s feature set is the fact that it does not seemingly have the ability to play 1080p video. That’s a crock: hardwarewise, the new AppleTV is more than capable of 1080p, because the iPhone 3GS was capable of it, and it didn’t even have an A4 CPU to draw upon. The second-gen ATV should be more than up for the task if that lesser platform could manage it.

And, as it turns out, it is.