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Here Are Five New Hidden OS X Mavericks Secrets For Your Mac [Feature]



OS X Mavericks (named after a surfing hot spot in California) was announced recently, and it contains a ton of new features for Mac users to pore over and learn anew. While not as incredible an overhaul as the concurrent update to iOS 7, Mavericks still contains some fairly helpful features and additions to make it worth some poking around, even in the beta.

Speaking of the beta, remember that any of the stuff we talk about below may only exist in the beta, or in some other form, so enjoy playing around with these things, but don’t worry when things are different when Mavericks releases for real in the Fall.

That said, let’s take a look at five new, hidden, and above all, interesting, features of the latest beta for OS X: Mavericks.

Reveal All Of Those App Store Purchases That You’ve Previously Hidden [iOS Tips]


Just because you've hidden them, it doesn't mean they're gone forever.

Back in October, we highlighted one of the new features in iOS 5 that allows you to hide previous App Store purchases from your ‘Purchased’ list. It’s great for removing all those apps and games that you may be ashamed of, such as Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise. But what happens if you want to reveal those purchases again?

Well, thankfully it’s easy to unhide them.

Man Posts Pictures Of The Creep Who Allegedly Stole His MacBook On Tumblr


This weird guy doesn't know that the MacBook he stole from Josh Kaufman is spying on him.
This weird guy doesn't know that the MacBook he stole from Josh Kaufman is spying on him.

Joshua Kaufman claims that he recently had his MacBook stolen, and so he did what anyone who was smart enough to follow our guide to recovering your pilfered Mac would do: he logged into his Mac via Hidden and has been secretly snapping photos, taking screenshots and snapping the alleged perp ever since.

Track Your Lost Mac With Hidden… Now A Free Download Until The End Of The Year



I love my new MacBook Air, but I’m terrified of it being stolen. I’ve been bitten on this before with a top-of-the-line, 15-inch MacBook Pro that was stolen (as I discovered later, by a drug-addicted friend) a mere two months after I bought it. The new MacBook Air’s an even bigger worry, since it’s light weight and small form factor make it all the more a target for a quick snatch-and-run.

Apple doesn’t have a Mac-centric version of their “Find my iPhone” app, but I’ve been looking into Hidden, an OS X application that hides in the background processes of your Mac and only broadcasts your Mac’s location when you go to the official website and tell it to ping your laptop.

If that sounds up your alley, there’s now officially no reason to give Hidden a download: usually $20, the application is now free for the rest of the month. Just go here to sign up.