Apple Watch helps Aussie man discover a hole in his heart


Apple Watch heart-rate monitor
The heart-rate monitor in an Apple Watch can help diagnose a surprising variety of health problems.
Photo: Apple

People sometimes say the loss of a loved one has left a hole in their heart. A young Australian man discovered he had a literal one. And this serious medical condition wouldn’t have been diagnosed without his Apple Watch.

The heart-rate monitor on his smartwatch found that his heart was beating far too fast when he was asleep. This caused him to seek medical attention.

Ex-Google boss slaps medical grade EKG onto Apple Watch


Calling this a killer app isn't really appropriate.
Photo: AliveCor

AliveCor, the groundbreaking medical tech company which makes an iPhone case for predicting strokes, is embracing the world of the Apple Watch.

The company’s forthcoming Kardia Band is an Apple Watch accessory which will augment the wearable’s existing heart monitor with the addition of an FDA-approved, voice-activated electrocardiogram that can analyze your heart rate and email it directly to your physician.

Future Apple Watch may call for help if it detects a medical emergency


The Apple Watch turns a wearer's heartbeat into something very vivid and visual.
"Now dialing 911..."
Photo: Apple

One of the most positive pieces of publicity the Apple Watch has yet received came when its in-built heart monitor revealed that a teenager was suffering from a potentially fatal condition, which could have resulted in his untimely death if left unchecked.

A future feature for Apple devices might take this life-saving concept even further by not just notifying users of possible medical emergencies — but actually alerting doctors or family members on their behalf if required.