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This smart ear cleaner makes quick work of annoying earwax


This smart ear cleaner is on sale for a limited time.
Listen up! You need to clean your ears.
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It’s surprising when you hear there is a “smart” version of a seemingly effective everyday tool like Q-tips. However, the truth is, the common cotton swab is limited in terms of what it can show you (and how well it can clear out your ear canals).

To step up your self-care game, you can take advantage of this deal on a Smart Ear Visual Cleaner (with a nice storage box) for just $34.95.

Peer deep inside your ear with your iPhone and this earwax removal kit


Save on this consistent solution to ear wax removal.
Comfortably remove earwax with this smart visual cleaner.
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Personal hygiene can get a bit gross, but a little effort can go a long way when it comes to your long-term health. Not to mention, it can be satisfying. Spend some of that self-care time on your ears with this discounted smart visual ear cleaner for just $29.95.

This smart ear cleaner, which lets you stream live video from deep within your ear canal directly to your iPhone, is currently available for 14% off with no coupon necessary. You also can opt to package it with a storage box for safekeeping at $34.95 (regularly $39).

Get an HD view of your ear canal from your iPhone with this earwax-busting kit


It's what's inside that matters, and this earwax cleaner can give you an HD view.
Take a look deep inside your ear with this high-tech cleaner.
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If you find yourself nodding along to a conversation you can only half hear, the reason might be a buildup of earwax. Earwax impaction is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. If you want an at-home method that can help prevent earwax buildup from getting out of hand, then you need a tool that lets you clean it yourself.

The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner is part camera, part wax scoop tool, and it’s on sale for $34.95 (regularly $39) for a limited time.

Say goodnight to snoring with this wearable muscle stimulator


Keep your chin up because there might be a solution to your snoring.
All it takes to stop snoring is this convenient device.
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Snoring is no fun for anyone. Obviously, the loud sounds of snoring can prove painful for anybody within earshot. But even if you’re the one sawing logs in your sleep, snoring can take a toll, depriving you of the healthy sleep your body needs.

However, just because you can’t stop yourself from snoring doesn’t mean you’re powerless. It just means you might benefit from an anti-snoring device like the Snore Circle. This gadget stimulates the muscles under the wearer’s chin to help stop snoring, and it’s on sale for $79.99 (regularly $119).

Wouldn’t you pay that much for a solid night’s sleep?

Fight fatigue, sleep better and truly relax with this smart wearable


The Apollo wearable can lead to better sleep, focus, relaxation and overall wellbeing.
The Apollo wearable can lead to better sleep, focus, relaxation and overall wellbeing.
Photo: Apollo Neuroscience

If you spend all day generating content or code on your Mac, you probably know what burnout feels like. Considering how much work is conducted around the clock through computers and the internet nowadays, it’s no wonder that a staggering 41% of the global workforce is considering quitting their jobs.

To avoid succumbing to a level of exhaustion that can push you willingly into unemployment, you need to secure a sustainable routine and a healthy strategy for unwinding after long stints in front of the screen. One fantastic, relatively new tool that can help is the Apollo wearable. This high-tech wristband uses touch therapy to promote relaxation, deeper sleep and better performance.

This smartwatch might save your grandparent’s life


This discounted smart watch is also a first-rate medical alert.
This wearable combines typical smartwatch features with advanced medical alerts.
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The LutiBand is a next-gen medical alert device as well as a great smartwatch. Its combination of advanced security features and precise biometric readings make this a fantastic wearable for you or a loved one.

For a limited time, the LutiBand Smartwatch is on sale for $99.99 (regularly $169).

Get the best night’s sleep of your life with this anti-snoring gadget


Get 15% off this anti-snore gadget and sleep better than ever.
Banish snoring with this easy-to-use and unobtrusive device.
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If you or your partner snore, you’ll know that it can leave you sleepless and exhausted. While a gadget that stops snoring for good may sound like magic, it’s actually real. And today, you can grab the Snore Circle YA4200 Electronic Muscle Stimulator Plus on sale for $99.99.

That’s a 15% discount off the regular price of $119.

Say goodbye to snoring with this custom-molded mouthpiece


Rest easy free of snoring with this black friday deal.
Would you pay $60 for a solid night's sleep without snoring?
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Your snoring doesn’t need to wake you, your partner or your roommates anymore. A custom-fit VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece can give you a snoreless slumber.

And during our Pre-Black Friday Sale, it’s on sale for just $59.97 (regularly $99). That’s a fraction of what CPAP machines and other anti-snoring devices cost.

Apple Watch’s new ECG reader is great, but don’t bet your life on it


Apple Watch Series 4
Some things you should know about the FDA clearance of the new Apple Watch's EKG.
Photo: Apple

At yesterday’s iPhone and Apple Watch event, Apple revealed that it has received Food and Drug Administration clearance for the Apple Watch Series 4’s new electrocardiogram feature. In theory, this marks the ascension of the Apple Watch from a wellness health tracker to a full-fledged medical device.

But people shouldn’t be too quick to jump to conclusions about the Apple Watch’s FDA-approval stamp. Adam Masin, a litigator who deals with medical device manufacturers in product liability lawsuits, made a few crucial points on Twitter.

Colgate’s iPhone-controlled AI toothbrush is smart, but not essential [Review]


Brushing is getting a 2018 overhaul.
Photo: Luke Dormehl/Cult of Mac

Colgate’s new iPhone-compatible smart toothbrush promises to transform the way you brush your teeth, thanks to the magic of machine intelligence.

So is the E1 Smart Electronic Toothbrush With Artificial Intelligence like having a virtual dentist at your beck and call? Here’s what we make of it after a week of tooth-cleaning action.

Black Friday deals on health and fitness: A Withings gift guide


Withings Black Friday gift guide
Great Black Friday deals slash up to 70 percent off Withings fitness and health gear.
Photos: Withings

This post is brought to you by Withings.

Don’t let shopping stress you out and spoil the holiday spirit. Gifts that are useful and beautiful are always a safe bet, and these Black Friday deals on health and fitness products from Withings — one of our favorite purveyors of quality gear — mean you can save up to 70 percent on the perfect gifts for 2016.

But don’t delay: These excellent deals on Withings fitness trackers, home health gadgets and smart scales won’t last forever. Prices go back up Tuesday!

Jawbone’s UP Move is the best entry-level fitness tracker yet


One of the neatest things about Jawbone's UP Move is just how versatile it is. You can clip it on anywhere.  Photo: Jawbone
One of the neatest things about Jawbone's UP Move is just how versatile it is. You can clip it anywhere. Photo: Jawbone

One of the great things about the world of fitness trackers post-Apple Watch (or, at least, post-Apple Watch announcement) is that we’re seeing how different companies are trying to insure themselves against Cupertino’s high-end luxury lifestyle tracker.

Jawbone recently answered this question by launching its UP Move: It’s an entry-level fitness wearable that may lack the bells and whistles of the Apple Watch, but is also, at $49.99, shy a couple of zeroes in the price tag department.