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Anti-racism advocacy group is upset at Apple’s location for new HQ


Color of Change
North Carolina has a history of controversial laws.
Photo: Color of Change

Apple’s announcement about its proposed North Carolina East Coast headquarters is supposedly “imminent,” but not everyone is happy about it. Last month, activists were reportedly “livid” about the location due to its history of LGBT-unfriendly laws. Now another advocacy group is accusing the region of racism, related to the state’s new voter ID proposal.

The advocacy group in question is a civil rights group called Color of Change. It is upset about North Carolina’s voter ID bill on the grounds that it allegedly discriminates against African-Americans. This bill was announced by the state’s House Republicans on Thursday.

Google’s $1 billion London HQ is absolutely ostentatious


Google's new London HQ will be a behemoth.
Google's new London HQ will be a behemoth.
Photo: Google

Google has no plans to move out of London following Brexit. In fact, the search giant is building a brand new headquarters in Kings Cross that’s going to cost well over $1 billion.

It’s no Spaceship campus, but under renders suggest it will be incredibly ostentatious, with its own swimming pool, basketball court, running track, and more.

Apple’s massive new U.K. campus is a pop culture landmark


Apple's new London office will be based in this iconic location.
Photo: Alberto Pascual/Wikipedia CC

Apple’s circular “spaceship” campus in Cupertino isn’t the only fantastic new location where the company is setting up shop. The tech giant is opening an impressive new London headquarters at the iconic Battersea Power Station.

With its four gigantic chimneys, the complex should strike a chord with pop culture fans: The station is a true pop culture landmark most famously seen on the cover of Pink Floyd’s 1977 album, Animals.

Apple’s spaceship campus is looking almost ready for liftoff


Apple's spaceship campus as it will eventually appear.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s still-unnamed “spaceship” campus won’t be completed until the end of this year, but it’s looking less and less like Tim Cook’s beautiful pile of dirt and more like a finished HQ every single day — as drone operator Matthew Roberts’ latest flyover video makes abundantly clear.

Check out the action below:

Aerial photos show Apple’s spaceship campus taking shape


Picture: Ron Cervi

It’s unheard of that you get to watch an Apple product being developed before your very eyes, but that’s exactly what’s happening with Apple’s new mothership headquarters — which we once referred to as the biggest Apple product ever built.

Despite not touching down officially until 2016, we’ve seen a steady stream of new images of Apple’s new campus during construction, many courtesy of the aerial photography of Bay Area traffic reporter Ron Cervi.

In new images posted to his Twitter account, Cervi shows how the HQ is slowly taking shape, with concrete and rebar work continuing, alongside the digging of tunnels, ready for the foundation and retaining walls of the new structure.

Tim Cook Wants Apple To Be A “Force For Good”


Apple is spreading its green initiative to China. Photo: Apple
Apple is spreading its green initiative to China. Photo: Apple

Write it off as a smokescreen to cover sliding profit and margins if you want, but Tim Cook’s belief in the culture of Apple came across loud and clear during Monday’s conference call with analysts and reporters.

Speaking about Apple as a “force for good in the world beyond our products” Cook claimed that, “Whether it’s improving working conditions or the environment, standing up for human rights, helping eliminate AIDS, or reinventing education, Apple is making substantial contributions to society.”

Apple’s Spaceship Designers Are Going To Revamp Apple Stores Now Too



Apple’s new spaceship headquarters look pretty amazing. Even though the mothership is still a year behind schedule, Apple loves the design of it so much, that they want the architectural firm who created the mothership to redesign some Apple Stores too.

Foster + Partners architecture firm has just signed a deal with Apple to work on new designs for some of its retail stores.

Apple May Have Based Its New Spaceship HQ On This Amazing Retro-Futuristic Shopping Center! [Gallery]


Did Apple borrow the design for its new spaceship-like Cupertino HQ from this retro-futuristic design made for the NYC Columbia Circle Shopping Center back in the 1940s?
Did Apple borrow the design for its new spaceship-like Cupertino HQ from this retro-futuristic design made for the NYC Columbia Circle Shopping Center back in the 1940s?

Apple’s never been afraid to borrow great ideas and make them their own. It should be no surprise, then, that Apple’s latest great idea — a giantspaceship-like HQ — was borrowed from someone else’s design. What may surprise you is the original design was made way back in the 1940s!