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MacX Video Converter Pro, a 4K video converter for Mac


MacX Pro might be the fastest 4K video converter.
MacX Pro might be the fastest 4K video converter.
Photo: Digiarty

This post is presented by Digiarty, maker of MacX Video Converter.

Thanks to iPhone 8 and iPhone X, 4K video is now the norm. 4K video looks incredible, but it also means a lot of super-high-definition content to manage. Having a powerful converter app is essential to making sure that video looks as good as possible — and works on all your devices.

Canon Announces PowerShot G12 with 720p HD Video and HDR



Canon has just updated their excellent PowerShot G-Series of pro-level point and shoots, and while the new G12 doesn’t offer too much that is new over its predecessor, it’s still an easy camera to recommend to the amateur photographer looking for a bridge camera to an eventual SLR.

The G12 is now Canon’s top-of-the-line point and shoot, boasting a 10MP CCD (a wise choice given that sensor’s size: anything more than 10MP is just inviting graininess), lots of manual dials for exposure and ISO control, a swiveling 2.8-inch LCD display, image stabilization and a bright f2.8-4.5 lens capable of 5x zoom.

In these respects, the G12 is identical to the G11, but new to the feature set is the ability to record high-definition 720p video, as well as stitch together three different exposures for HDR photos, just like the iPhone 4 under iOS 4.1 can do.

Like the G11 before it, expect the G12 to cost $499 when it launches in October. If you’re a casual photographer looking to get more serious about the hobby, I can heartily recommend the G12: two generations ago, the PowerShot G10 was the camera that first awakened my own interest in more seriously pursuing photography, and I’ve loved this entire product line ever since.