3D Touch comes to iPad Pro thanks to clever Apple Pencil hack


Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil is the best iPad accessory.
Photo: Apple

The iPad Pro is the most impressive tablet Apple’s ever created, but it’s missing one killer feature: 3D Touch.

Developer Hamza Sood has found a clever workout around though that brings Peek and Pop features to the iPad Pro, and it’s all made possible thanks to the pressure sensitive features of the Apple Pencil.

Check it out:

iOS 9 code appears to confirm Force Touch for iPhone 6s


Apple Watch's Force Touch is coming to iPhone.
Apple Watch’s Force Touch is coming to iPhone.
Photo: Apple

The addition of Force Touch on the next iPhone has been churning through the rumor mill practically since Apple unveiled the technology with the Apple Watch last year. We’ve yet to see any component leaks that confirm the tech is actually coming to the iPhone 6s, but one developer may have just found evidence that it’s definitely on the way.

iOS developer Hamza Sood discovered key references to Force Touch in iOS today that appear to confirm the iPhone 6s will indeed come with pressure sensitive technology, and it may also add the new trackpad gestures that Apple is adding to iPad with the release of iOS 9.

Here’s what Hamza found: