Get Ready For Halloween By Checking Out These Apple-Themed Costume Ideas [Gallery]




Halloween is coming soon, which means you need a costume to show off how incredibly awesome you are. Maybe you’re still undecided and need a little bit of inspiration. When it comes to Apple-themed costumes there are a lot of great ideas out there and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make them.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Apple Halloween costumes from the past few years to help you decide what you should be. Check them out:

Badland Halloween Update Creeps Us Out Even More At 99 Cents



Innovative iOS game, Badland, just updated with a new Halloween theme, four new multiplayer characters, and a new level. In addition, the update drops the price to $0.99, giving us all a chance to discover the scary action for 75 percent off the regular price.

This is the first time the developer has dropped the price so far, so be sure to check it out if you have a buck to spare; it’s worth it.

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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Lurches Your Way With Halloween-Themed Update Shadowmoon



With this latest Halloween-flavored update, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is bringing vampires and werewolves to its acclaimed tower defense gameplay in a new update, entitled Shadowmoon.

You’ll get three brand spankin’ new levels to defend your base against nine new enemy types, including scary vampires and vicious werewolves (oh my!). The update will go live on All Hallow’s Eve itself, so get ready for some Halloween fun after you fill your pillow cases full of loot from your local neighborhood.

Here’s the brand new trailer to whet your appetite.

Gruesome iPhone-Augmented Halloween Shirts Get Even More Disgusting (But Easier To Use)



We posted all about NASA engineer Mark Roper’s gruesome, iPhone-augmented Halloween shirts last year. Since then, Mark has quit his job at NASA to focus on Halloween. The result is more designs and, even better, both an improved t-shirt and a horribly gruesome effect worthy of being designed by someone who worked on the Mars Curiosity rover.

Three Awesome Last Minute Apple Halloween Costume Ideas [Feature]



There are only a few hours left until the entire country goes jettisons itself into a deranged mess of Halloween parties. If you don’t have your costume ready by now then you might be panicing about coming up with something cool on the fly.

Don’t worry. We’ve got three great Apple-themed Halloween costume ideas that you can pull of in minutes before you head to your parties tonight. Check ’em out.

8 Scary iOS Games That Will Terrify You This Halloween [Roundup]


Prepare for a fright!
Prepare for a fright!

Play These Nine Scary Mac Games For The Halloween Season With The Lights On [App Roundup]



Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, has a tradition stretching back to the 15th century and earlier, though it is currently a more secular holiday, with children and the young at heart dressing up as everything from scary ghouls and monsters to the more tame video game characters or that bane of every feminist out there, the “sexy” nurse/librarian/pikachu/what have you.

Regardless of how you celebrate, though, we thought you’d enjoy this list of the scariest Mac games we could think of, each available to play on current (and some older) Macs just in time for the next couple of creepy weeks.