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Make iPad into HDMI monitor with Lux Orion [Awesome Apps]


Make iPad into HDMI monitor with Lux Orion [Awesome Apps]
Make your iPad into a screen for any device that supports HDMI output with Lux Orion and an adapter.
Photo: Lux
Awesome Apps

You can make your iPad into an external screen for your Mac, a Nintendo Switch, a camera or another device. All you need is the free Lux Orion application and a relatively cheap adapter.

Lux, the maker of the brilliant Halide camera application, made Orion just for fun. But it’s very useful, too.

Popular Halide camera app finally adds batch photo actions


The Halide MK II camera app for iPhone and iPad adds batch photo actions, improved
The Halide MK II camera app for iPhone and iPad adds batch photo actions, improved "Image Rescue" and more.
Photo: Lux Optics

On the heels of a big Obscura 3 camera app refresh, another popular and powerful photo app sees major changes this week. This time, it’s the Halide MK II app for iPhone and iPad, from Lux Optics, which also makes the Spectre app for creating long exposures.

The Halide app’s important updates include the addition of batch actions — so you can finally work with multiple photos at the same time — and an improved “Image Rescue” function.

Halide camera app improves iPhone 13 Pro macro shots


Halide 2.5 update improves images from iPhone 13 Pro macro camera
Take better macro images with the iPhone 13 Pro and a new Halide 2.5 update.
Photo: Lux Optics/Cult of Mac

A just-released update to Halide helps iPhone and iPad owners take better close-up images. The iOS application works with the macro camera in the iPhone 13 Pro series, but also offers tools that can help any phone or tablet user with close-in pictures.

This is in addition to Halide Mark II 2.5’s many other features that give more control over the cameras built into iPhone and iPad than are available in Apple’s own application.

Incredible close-ups show off iPad Pro’s surprisingly great camera


2021 iPad Pro is better than any iPhone at closeup pictures.
Some astounding closeup images should make you stop laughing at iPad photography.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Professional photog/developer Sebastiaan de With accidentally discovered that the rear-facing camera in the 2021 iPad Pro can focus on objects very close to the lens. This allows the tablet to capture close-up images not possible with an iPhone.

Cult of Mac did a bit of experimenting and confirmed the results.

Powerful iOS camera app Halide makes the jump to iPad


Halide Mark II is available for iPad users too.
Halide for iPad is ready to break the bias against tablet photography.
Photo: Lux

Halide isn’t just for iPhone any more — the alternative camera application gained iPad support on Tuesday. Lux promises its latest release is, “packed with all the powerful features of Halide for iPhone and a few special ones for better photography on big screens.”

Halide Mark II brings pro camera features to the average Joe


Halide Mark II is for professional photographers and beginners.
Halide Mark II sports a new UI intended to make the camera software easier to use and more powerful.
Photo: Lux Optics

Halide Mark II brings a significant revamp to a popular alternative camera application for the iPhone. The developer redesigned the software to make it even easier to use for beginners. But it also comes with professional-grade features built in, like new tools for working with RAW images.

Halide brings Deep Fusion-style photo processing to older iPhones


Smartest Processing,
Shot with Halide.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Today’s release of iOS 13.2 brings Apple’s new Deep Fusion feature, so iPhone 11 owners can start taking beautifully detailed photographs of sweaters. But if you have an older iPhone, Halide has you covered. The iOS photo app’s new Smartest Processing update brings Deep Fusion-style detail to anybody’s sweater shots.

iPhone 11 ultra-wide camera disappoints RAW shooters


the three view of the iPhone 11 Pro
The three views from the iPhone 11 Pro's three rear-facing cameras.
Photo: Apple

What makes the iPhone 11 Pro a Pro smartphone? It’s definitely not the ultra-wide camera.

According to Ben Sandofsky, co-developer of the photo app Halide, the ultra-wide camera does not support RAW capture of images or allow photographers to manually focus the camera.

iOS 13 finally lets you (kinda) replace Apple’s default apps


Launch any camera app from the lock screen with this incredibly useful iOS 13 trick.
Launch any camera app from the lock screen with this incredibly useful trick.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

In iPadOS and iOS 13, you can kinda replace the stock Apple apps on your iPhone or iPad. For instance, anytime you tap the Mail icon, Spark could launch instead. Or, and this is probably the most useful, when you tap the lock-screen shortcut for the Camera app, you could launch Halide instead.

This isn’t proper app replacement, but it is a pretty wild trick for iOS devices. We use a new feature in Shortcuts to make the magic happen. And for the Camera app, it works great.