Apple Watch brings the gift of go in new Apple ads


Apple Watch
Apple Watch 3 has never been more affordable.
Photo: Apple

The holidays are finally upon us and Apple has a really good suggestion on what you should buy your loved ones for Christmas present: The Apple Watch.

Apple published four new ads today that highlight how the Apple Watch is a great exercise companion, whether you take it running, swimming, snowboarding or to a soccer game. Each ad is only 15 seconds long and uses some trippy visuals to get you in the shopping mood.

Check it out:

Machine-washable headphones are no sweat to clean [Review]


These headphones will stay fresh and ready to bust out the jams.
These headphones will stay fresh and ready to bust out the jams.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Urbanears Hellas Bluetooth washable headphones

You can’t beat the sound quality (or comfort) of a good pair of on-ear wireless headphones, but working out with most pairs can be an exercise in moisture management with a side of stink-appeal.

These new Hellas headphones from Urbanears solve that problem with a removable, machine-washable headband and ear cup. You simply pull off the mesh-covered bits, toss them in the provided net laundry bag, and drop them in your washing machine. You’ll never have to deal with smelly, sweaty headphones again.

Griffin and Adidas Sport Armband for iPhone Looked Wonky at the Gym [Review]



Review by Kelly Keltner

Griffin’s Sport Armband for iPhone ($30) — a product name that fills my head with visions of iPhones running around the track (“Go, go, little 3GS! You can do it! You’re not too old!”) — allows you to get up and go without worrying about your iPhone. It’s a decent attempt at making workout clothing for the iPhone, but just as with those just-a-bit-too-tight yoga pants, there are a few bulges that might cause a few sideways looks in the gym.

Apple Working on Fitness Center App for iPhone



A new patent discovered by Patently Apple reveals that Apple is working on its own fitness center application for the iPhone.

The patent titled “Systems and Methods for Accessing Personalized Fitness Services Using a Portable Electronic Device” was originally filed in October, 2009, and describes an app that can benefit its users by helping them with their diet; suggesting when they should go to the gym and what exercises they should do; and allowing them to compete with friends and be ranked on their performance.

Services are broken down into four categories: New Customers, Getting There, In the Gym, and Post Workout; which will help users find their nearest fitness center and motivate them to actively attend, encourage them to workout and suggest different exercises, and provide post-workout motivation and fitness tracking features.