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Run away from Greatness Code season 2 as fast as possible [Apple TV+ review] ☆☆☆☆


Greatness Code review: Scout Bassett is an amazing athlete, but this series fails to inspire.☆☆☆☆
Scout Bassett is an amazing athlete, but this series fails to inspire.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s most shameless cash grab is back for a truly unearned victory lap. Gotham Chopra and Co. have crafted the thoroughly un-asked-for second season of Greatness Code, the only show on TV about how great and talented athletes are.

Oh, what’s that? There are 10 million other shows about the same thing, and they’re all more involved than 10-minute interviews with competently animated interstitials and some vague notion of what makes an athlete “great”?

Well shut my mouth. Guess there’s no reason to watch this one, is there?

Apple TV+ Greatness Code trailer looks at what drives top athletes


Season two of
Season two of "Greatness Code" premieres May 13.
Photo: Apple TV+

Ever wonder how champion pro athletes overcome all odds to win? Apple TV+ unveiled its trailer Tuesday for the second season of Emmy Award-winning sports documentary series Greatness Code.

It gives you a glimpse at what drives top athletes to succeed in impossibly competitive scenarios.

The series premieres May 13 on Apple TV+.

Greatness Code proves Apple TV+ is in the relationship business [Apple TV+ review]


Greatness Code
What is the code for greatness? No one in the documentary series Greatness Code is going to tell you.
Photo: Apple TV+

There’s a reason this review only has one image in it: Apple TV+ doesn’t have any more press pictures for this show. Why? Because why should it? This paper-thin passel of hagiographies isn’t worth promoting.

Greatness Code, which debuts July 10, isn’t a show so much as it’s an investment in the big star athletes being interviewed. To say no to the project would have meant scuttling potential relationships with some of the biggest names in sports. But to admit it’s worth your time seems a bridge too far.

Apple TV+ will profile LeBron James, Tom Brady, Usain Bolt and others in new series


LeBron has previously featured on an Apple ad for the Beats brand.
Photo: Apple

Hot off the heels of Netflix and ESPN’s smash hit The Last Dance documentary, Apple TV+ has announced a new sports documentary series of its own. Called Greatness Code, the series will, according to Apple, spotlight “untold stories from the greatest athletes in the world.”

The first slate of elite athletes is set to include an all-star cast of NBA star LeBron James, Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady, Olympic gold medalist soccer star Alex Morgan, Olympic runner Usain Bolt, Olympian swimmer Katie Ledecky, and champion surfer Kelly Slater. Each will get their own episode.