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Google+ gets the ax after exposing users’ private info


You get extra points if you remembered that Google+ was still a thing.
You get extra points if you remembered that Google+ was still a thing.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Google took a one-two punch to the chin today by having to admit its once-ballyhooed Facebook competitor is a dud. There’s so little interest in Google+ that it’s being killed off.

That would normally be bad enough, but the shutdown isn’t just because of lack of interest. A bug in Google+ exposed the personal information of users, something Google didn’t mention for a half a year.

Google brings stunning Featured Photos screensaver to Mac


mac screensaver post image
Featured Photos makes your Mac look even prettier while it's idle.
Photo: Google

Want a stellar screensaver for your Mac? Look no further than the stunning Featured Photos from Google.

It’s the same screensaver that ships on Chromecast, Fiber, and Pixel devices, and it displays a bunch of beautiful images sourced from Google+ that make your Mac look even prettier while it’s idle.

You can finally bid farewell to your unwanted Google+ account




Get ready to say au revoir to that unwanted Google+ account you randomly get a friend requests on once a year.

Google announced today that in the coming months the company will allow you to create a YouTube Channel, or Gmail account, without creating a Google+ account. And for those of us who were forced onto Google+, there will be an option to finally remove your public profile.